This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Void Nogitsune


General Info:

A subtype of kitsune or Japanese fox spirits. A nogitsune is a fox spirit that is NOT aligned with goddess Inari, and who is not in her service. This type of fox spirit is more likely to be considered dark-aligned or a trickster. However, nogitsune are not always malicious or harmful towards humans. Rather, they could be described as amoral, or following their own set of rules. These spirits are as likely to help you out as they are to cause disruption in your life- it simply depends on what they feel like doing on the particular day you encounter them.

Void Nogitsune are fox spirits who are associated with the “void” element. Although their particular specialties will vary depending on the individual, they are likely to be proficient at shadow work, dark arts magic, glamours, and working with Void energies.


Void Nogitsune are generally aggressive towards other entities; they are extremely dangerous to approach due to their trickster nature, and it is incredibly difficult and time-consuming for someone (even an experienced worker) to discern their motives. Additionally, due to their energetic alignment, they might pose an even greater threat to spirit workers who engage with them.

Physical Description:

Void Nogitsune spirits typically have three forms. The first form resembles that of a regular fox. Depending on their age and experience/abilities, they will have between one to nine tails. Void Nogitsune are usually dark red, white or black in colour. Typically, void energy will cling to their shape when they are in their fox-form, causing their fur to have a soft, misty-like demeanor.

Their second form is an in-between state, where they display both human and fox features. Typically, their eyes will be fox-like. Their fox ears, claws, and tails will also be visible in this form. Lastly, they will have a fully-human form, where all fox-like traits will be concealed.

Most fox nogitsune that I have encountered tend to have very sharp, androgynous facial features when in their human form. The spirits I have interacted with also tend to keep their hair long, and maintain very pristine/clean appearances.


Void Nogitsune have a wispy, intangible, but heavy feeling to them. They are very noticeably void-aligned, cold and difficult to pin down, energy-wise- it is easy to notice but hard to focus on or examine in-depth. Because of this, their energy lends itself particularly well to glamouring.

​While it may seem counter-intuitive, the younger Void Nogitsune typically seem to give off more “void” energy. This is not due to the fact that they are stronger – it is simply a lack of maturity/energy manipulation skills.


In general, Void Nogitsune tend to have the typical trickster- type personalities. They are sharp, quick-witted, intelligent, and self-serving. They enjoy toying with the rules and playing pranks- sometimes to the point of it being hurtful or detrimental to the subject of the “joke”. As long as it amuses them, they seem unconcerned by the consequences of their actions.

Void Nogitsune are smooth individuals and can be very charming too. This makes vetting each individual a difficult and time-consuming task. They are excellent at twisting the truth and finding loopholes- which means they also tend to be excellent at discernment and getting out of… unfavourable situations.


Void Nogitsune tend to live exceptionally long lives. Their lifespans appear to extend indeterminately as long as they do not contract any illness/are not hurt.

They tend to reach maturity at different stages, and while their tail-development is linked closely to their age, it is a more accurate predictor of their energy work/ magic-work capabilities. Their life cycles can be divided into:

Child: A newly born kitsune. They only have one tail and their energy manipulation skills are mediocre. They are at their most vulnerable during this stage.

Juvenile: Usually between 2 and 4 tails. They are adept at using energy work and likely will have an established territory. 

Adult: At 5+ tails, they can expertly manipulate energy. By now, they have an established territory and are extremely dangerous if angered OR bored. 

Void Nogitsune can reproduce sexually. However, there are also documented instances of a fox spirit connecting to a void source and developing into a Nogitsune. Void energy can also be accumulated and manifest as a True Void Nogitsune. 


Void Nogitsune tend to lead solitary lifestyles. While they may develop a lot of superficial connections to other beings and interact with many different spirits, they tend to avoid being active members of any community. 

They generally remain stationary within their territory, maintaining one that may or may not be populated by other entities (but usually not other Nogitsune/Kitsune spirits). However, there may be instances of a mated pair or a sibling pair living in the same territory.

They don’t have established economies but tend to be relatively good at supporting their lifestyles, due to how resourceful they are.