This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: The Veniaxo fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to work exclusively with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.



The Veniaxo are a group of all-female entities that dwell in the borders of death and void territories. They are a non-religious group, although they might sometimes aid or facilitate rituals for different deities (particularly the void mother and her chthonic manifestation).

They specialize in a variety of things, from creating powerful poisons, to casting Baneful Magic. They are also great Seers and have the ability to divine accurately into future events.

Being a secretive community, they are generally wary of strangers, avoiding contact with them outside of their professional commitments.

General Information:

The Veniaxo are generally not outwardly aggressive. Rather, they tend to lure their enemies into a false sense of comfort through a variety of methods, after which they will strike when it is most opportune. They are masters of perfect timing and are truly formidable opponents. Due to this, it is ill-advised to approach them unprompted. Even an experience spirit-worker might find themselves lured in by their charms and suddenly (and very rudely) awakened to the dangerous reality of their situation.

Physical Description:

The Veniaxo are all females. Due to the fact that they come from a range of different villages, their appearances vary wildly. However, they tend to bear marks upon their bodies, similar to bindings, which denote their status and roles within their society.​


The Veniaxo have a very solid, almost wall-like energy. They are noticeably void-aligned, with a cold and vacuum-like sense to them. There is something soft and feathery about how they manifest despite their strength and something warmly alluring beckons you forth when you interact with them.


​Please note that this is a broad generalization and that there might be a great degree of variation of personality traits among individuals. In general, the Veniaxo are self-assured, pragmatic, and incredibly intelligent. They tend to be very skilled in whatever area they have been chosen to specialize in, and therefore, they tend to feel in control of most situations.

In general, they are all studious, dedicated, and deeply devoted to their work, and they tend to deeply value their own communities. They carry themselves with an air of quiet confidence, and while they are extremely capable in the art of survival (due to their incredibly resilience and resourcefulness), they do not enjoy flashy displays of magic.

Aside from this, the Veniaxo are entities who deeply appreciate the darker aspects of the occult. They delve deeply into necromancy, poison work, blood work, sex magic, and Baneful Magic. They would be incredibly well-suited to be companions with someone who is unafraid of their shadow aspect, of the dark secrets that lurk in the darkness. Those who are willing to push boundaries in order to better themselves and truly understand themselves would get along well with them.


The Veniaxo tend to live relatively long lives. Most entities within the society will have an extended lifespan in comparison to their counterparts in different villages. As long as they do not contract any illness (and due to their exceptional knowledge of healing techniques, this is something that is unlikely to worry them) or are killed, they can live for an indeterminated amount of time.

They tend to reach maturity at different stages. Their life cycles can be divided into:

Child: A baby or child. The girls here have just been welcomed into the village in order to begin their training.

Youth: The girls will train and learn of their duties. Their studies will be extensive and include a variety of different topics.

Adult: Established members of the group dedicated solely to their task and specialized in one specific role.


The Veniaxo are a matriarchal society. Other villages will offer up their firstborn daughters to this group in hopes of acquiring its favour and as payment for their protection. In return, the eldest daughters are guaranteed safety, education, stability, and an important (even honoured) place in society.
They value education and are incredible record-keepers with a history that spans back to before the establishment of most major Death cities that surround their territory. Due to this, their traditions hold an air of ancient mystery and untouchable importance.