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Finding Your Energy Alignment

Written by Conjurers Acheron and Lethe on February 6th, 2018. This article was written in response to a question on the blog about how to find your own alignment when evaluating your individual energy signature. We answered an ask similar to this one a while ago, but that was specific to Void. Lethe and I […]

Spirit Conjuring: A Crash Course

Written by Conjurer Lethe on February 4th, 2018. This article provides a simple outline for spirit-workers to follow when first learning how to conjure. Please remember this is not a comprehensive list of instructions and every conjurer’s method is different – don’t forget that it’s important to take as many precautions as possible when reaching […]

What Callings Are & Aren’t

CALLINGS – WHAT THEY ARE (AND AREN’T) Written by Conjurer Acheron on January 12th, 2018. A breakdown of what the term “Calling” means, and how to know if you’re experiencing it. Hi everyone! Lethe and I wanted to take some time today to explain the importance of a Calling – including specifying what a Calling is – […]

Eldritch Energy Introduction

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 23th, 2017.A brief overview of Eldritch Energy. Conjurer Lethe here! Today, as a break from your sort-of-regularly-scheduled Void programming, I will be discussing another (equally obscure, but personally more terrifying) energy type. Eldirtch energy. Disclaimer My knowledge of Eldritch is limited, since I have only interacted with this energy briefly […]

Working With True Void Energy 101

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 20th, 2017. A beginner’s guide to working with Void energy. Conjurer Lethe here, bringing to you the next part of Elysium’s True Void Series. As always, I give you the disclaimer that everything here is my UPG and might not necessarily fit with your own experience and practice. I […]

Source Wells, Energy & Their Effects on Entity Classification

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 8th, 2017. An introduction to Source Wells & their implications in relation to spirit work. Conjurer Lethe here! This post was inspired by @sordhent​‘s post on Source Wells. I encourage you all to read it, since it’s a great way to gain more insight into the topic! Finding in-depth, detailed information […]