This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Sanguine Vampires


GENERAL INFO: This type of entity is one which, according to canon, feeds by drinking blood. There are generally two types of Sanguine Vampires: those who are born and those who are created. Living within a highly hierarchical and politicized society, Born Sanguine Vampires tend to wield more power and influence than Created Vampires.

Unlike most canon, Sanguine Vampires are not averse to sunlight or garlic. They do not, however, take kindly to being set on fire or staked through the heart (although who would?).

PREFACE: There is a variety of vampiric subspecies, which makes generalizations difficult.

Vampires are typically an attractive and magnetic group (both physically as well as energetically). This serves an evolutionary purpose, given that their predation relies on initiating close contact with an entity. (That said- no, they don’t all look like models and no, they do not sparkle).

While more specific traits are dependent upon subspecies and the individual, they are generally incredibly healthy beings with better-than-human abilities. Some species can live very long lives, while others have achieved quasi-immortality, having to fear death only through unnatural means.

Sanguine vampires (generally) tend to have very distinct eyes. They are not necessarily animal-like (although they can be), but they do hold a predatory glint and sharpness to them which is unmistakable.


As mentioned before, Sanguine Vampires have an incredible magnetism which is hard to ignore. There is a warmth and heaviness to their energy (which feels somewhat airy and death-touched), with a vacuous, sharp feeling that increases the longer they have gone without feeding.

They are skilled with glamours and typically have, at the very least, a decent grasp of both blood and sexual magics.


Personality-wise, Sanguine Vampires are very unique.

Typically, Born Sanguine Vampires have more inhuman traits, and their temperaments are far more mercurial. Their perspectives about life can be somewhat warped and unique given the fact that they are nearly immortal. They, however, are incredibly skilled in manipulating situations to their benefit and navigating complex social scenes.

Created Sanguine Vampires tend to retain most of their human traits. At times, their emotions can feel dramatically intensified- for example, if a human were to feel happy, they may feel ecstatic. On the other hand, if they are sad, they might feel deeply sorrowful and dejected instead.

Both Born and Created Vampires can be incredibly charming and get along with a variety of species, which makes them incredible spirits to work with.


Born Sanguine Vampires reproduce sexually and their life cycles are as follows:

Birth: The vampire is born and develops at a relatively average pace.

Childhood: The vampire continues developing at an average pace, reaching whatever milestones are common in their particular subspecies.

Youth: The vampire’s growth has now slowed considerably.

Adult: The vampire has reached maturity and their aging/growth has become incredibly slow, to the point of being imperceptible, or has completely stopped.

Created Sanguine Vampires tend to stop their aging/growth at the time at which they were transformed.


As previously stated, there is an incredibly hierarchical and politicized aspect to vampiric societies in general. Typically, high-ranking members of the society wield a lot of power (both energetically as well as socially), and their influence can seriously affect the ongoings of their communities.

Many Sanguine Vampire communities are divided into clans/families, with a head of the clan or representative speaking and making executive decisions for their group. These clans compete for influence, make alliances, etc.

The most influential members of each community (ex. the most powerful heads of a clan) might make up a council to govern the way that the community lives.

Having said this, solitary Sanguine Vampires are also not uncommon (although this does makes it harder to find resources and feed).

Again, it is important to remember that these are generalizations though, and looking at each species and individual as a unique entity can provide a much more accurate assessment of what their culture and lives are like.