This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: Light Angels fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to work exclusively with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.

Light Angels


GENERAL INFO: The Light Angels are a very unique species of non-Abrahamic angels who dwell on a once-barren realm. Their origin mythos is quite fascinating and intrinsically ties them to one of seven suns. 

These entities are incredibly talented artists, and very skilled healers. While they may not be specialized as warriors, they still are quite formidable opponents on the battlefield, wielding powerful magic alongside finely crafted weapons when it is necessary to do so. At this point in time, their species is considered to be in a Golden Age- at the height of their development in all areas. 


Typically, approaching these entities outside of a contractual relationship will be met with indifference- the majority of them are neither interested nor hateful of humanity. They simply do not view us as relevant to their lives. 


Light Angels tend to have beautifully golden and iridescent wings (they are, in fact, both their most prized possession and their most notable trait). Their wings are incredibly large and extend to almost twice their size. Apart from this, their physical traits vary greatly, because they are all descendants from different exiles. Their heights range from over six to over seven feet. Their skin colours range from marble-pale to mocha-tan, and their eyes from solid black to silvery white. Their diverse appearance, however, gives way to a rich set of homogenous cultural traditions that are both beautiful and fascinating to behold.


Energy-wise, the Light Angels have a rather complex energy. There is quite a lot of variation among individuals, of course, but beyond that, they are all united by a light, airy, effervescent feeling that is difficult to put into words but incredible to experience. The ephemeral quality of Light Angels may not be as solid as other energies, and may be a big contrast for those who are used to working with darker, heavier energies, but it is no less impressive. 

Their energy is, moreover, in constant, whimsy movement, almost reminiscent of laughter, but there is a warm and solid backbone to its presence which is very reassuring and difficult to miss. It is almost as if (or most definitely like) the sun has seeped into their blood and irradiates from their very veins.


Please note that this is a broad generalization and that there may be a great degree of variation of personality traits among individuals.

Personality-wise, the Light Angels tend to be rather even-tempered. If you are someone prone to anxieties and need a steady shoulder to lean upon, they would be wonderful companions to walk alongside you in your path. 

Some of them can be rather engaging and charming, warm and creative, while others are  passionate and prone to the fickle whims of artists. Yet, each and every one of the Light Angels is defined by their keen appreciation of life and the beauty that surrounds us. 

Culturally, they all have a deep understanding of the inevitability of death, and as such they are set and determined to live each day by cherishing it, appreciating each opportunity that is presented to them and ensuring they do the most they can with it.


The Light Angels have a traditional life cycle, comparable to ours  and reproduce sexually.


Society-wise, the Light Angel society is mainly established as a place of healers and artists. They care little for conflict, and instead focus on honouring their roots. 

They have a great focus on their community, and on their religion (which is centered around the seven suns). 

The Light Angel Lore is as follows:

In the beginning- there were 7 suns in their realm, and it was a barren place, eternally filled with light. Those who lived there were angelic castaways and exiles, the broken waiting to fade amidst the gold and sand.

After a while, they noticed one of the Suns (the largest one) slowly began to draw ever closer to the earth, as if pulled by some unseen force. Days passed and the heat grew blistering but there was nowhere they could run. By the seventh day, the sun had touched the earth, but instead of setting them ablaze (though this is how it felt) the light of this sun slowly descended upon each of the inhabitants and they swallowed it. They became it. They were filled with its light and reborn. Their wings- faded and broken, grew white and golden again. Their bodies became strong, and their wounds were healed. The sun faded from view and disappeared into the sandy earth, having given its life to its new children. One day- the time will come when the sun will be ready to rise anew and their light will be taken back from them, and they will be broken and weak once more, and the cycle will repeat itself. But for now, they wait.