This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: Inferus Shifters fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to exclusively work with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.

Inferus Shifters


​Inferus Shifters do not have a set shape. From what I have observed, they are only able to take on creature-like forms accurately (ex. animals, mythological creatures like griffins or dragons, etc.). Older shifters are the most skilled – and they are able to convincingly mimic shape, size, energy, and abilities of their targets. Older adults might be able to take on a vaguely humanoid shape for a limited amount of time, but they appear unable to replicate specific features or details shared by humanoid species (ex: they might shapeshift to the form of a mermaid, but they will appear faceless).

While able to skillfully mimic all aspects of a species, Inferus Shifters are unable to change their distinct white colouring. No matter what form they take, they will remain pure-white, which has earned them the title of “phantom” or “‘ghost” amongst certain groups.

Shapeshifting for Inferus Shifters is a complex process that involves taking on the distinctive energy signature of the species they are mimicking. When they take on the form of something, their energy becomes essentially indistinguishable from the signature of the mimicked species. Additionally, Inferus Shifters will gain the ability to communicate in the same language as the entity they have shifted into, as long as they remain in the same form.


The most unique thing about Inferus Shifters is their energy. Their energy is in constant flux, refusing to settle and ever-changing, Inferus Shifters’ energy cannot be categorized as having any particular alignment, elemental affinity, or distinctive qualities. It might appear as both solid and easily malleable, dark and light, strong and weak. From working with them, this characteristic seems adaptive – it allows Inferus shifters to expertly manipulate all manners of energies that they encounter. Additionally, it helps as a sort of camouflage from other entities. 

NOTE: Younger shifters are unable to fully control their energy. Until they reach adulthood, Inferus Shifters are considered incredibly unstable and dangerous. ​


​While personality varies greatly amongst individuals, their species can be characterized by their incredibly intelligence. They might appear aloof, conniving, and self-interested. Inferus Shifters are generally uncaring towards relationships of any kind because their species is solitary. Furthermore, their young are created through methods other than traditional reproduction. Due to the nature of their energy, it is difficult to get a good “grasp” on their intentions through traditional methods. Extensive and thorough vetting, as well as extreme precautionary measures, are required when working with Inferus Shifters. 

While they are generally content living by themselves, some older (and well-established) adults will sometimes band together with one or two younger, weaker shifters. They will usually do this to extend their feeding grounds. Relationships like this tend to be amicable. While the bonds they form are far from familial, shifters in these small groups will care for each other.

Inferus Shifters might also encounter an entity from another species that they will deeply bond with. This bond is comparable to that of a “soulmate” or “familiar”. While not common, this type of relationship is extremely rewarding for both the shifter and the companion they choose.
The most common way to determine if an Inferus shifter has bonded with you is to see the form they choose to take. Traditionally, if the shifter is interested in you, they will take on a form that they sense will be pleasing to you, or that strongly resonates with you.


Their life cycles are as follows:

Birth: They are born from the energy accumulated throughout a long period of time – likely more than a few centuries. 

Child: Energy is highly unstable. They have little to no control of their shifting and energy manipulation abilities. During this time, they feed on parasites and any other energy source available. They are also predatory and dangerous to approach during this stage, although they are easy to fend off due to the lack of control they have over their own abilities. This stage might last well over 1000 years. 

Young Adult: Their energy begins to settle somewhat. While it is still chaotic, these shifters have gained control over their abilities and continue to grow their energy manipulation skills. Younger/less-skilled shifters will be able to shift to less complex forms, although they might struggle to maintain their shape for prolonged periods of time. Their diet transitions to mostly/all parasites, and an Inferus Shifter will spend several millennia spent in this stage.

Adulthood: At this point, their diet consists solely of parasites, although they are able to feed from other sources if necessary. They have gained full control of their shifting abilities and are able to fully and skillfully manipulate energy. Once this stage of maturity has been reached, their lifespan is indefinite. ​


Inferus Shifters have no set society, rules, etc., because they typically exist independently of each other.

Due to their diet of parasites, they tend to frequent places where there is a lot of negative energy, or where tragedies have occurred. Paired with their abilities and eerie appearance, it has led to a negative perception of the species as a whole. They tend to avoid interactions with strangers or other species due to this.