This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

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GENERAL INFO: Incubi and succubi are entities that feed off of sexual energy (energy from both build-up to and from the sexual act). Canonically, they are demonic beings who manifest physically and cause sexual dreams while they feed on humans. An incubus is a male-presenting or male-leaning entity, and a succubus is a female-presenting or female-leaning entity.

Due to the fact that they require large quantities of sexual energy to feed, ubi are a non-monogamous species and they cannot sustain themselves off of solely one partner.

PREFACE: This gnosis relates specifically to demonic ubi (succubi and incubi). While there might be some distinctions between lowborn and hellborn ubi regarding temperament and cultures, the information here can be generalized and applied to both.


Ubi are skilled shapeshifters. They are incredibly adept at changing their appearance through a combination of shapeshifting and the use of adaptive glamours in order to appeal to a variety of individuals. This is most helpful during feeding, where eliciting arousal is an important part of the process. Having said this, many ubi will have a preferred form in which they are most comfortable. This is their “natural” form, and it tends to be aesthetically pleasing in general.

The process of shapeshifting for ubi is incredibly complex, and it partially relies on their partner or partners’ expectations or desires being projected onto their glamour.

It is worth noting that ubi will have a preference towards manifesting as a specific gender. While they may choose to change their expressed gender under convenient circumstances, categorization as either succubus or incubus is based on their preferred form of manifestation and/or which gender they lean towards.


Ubi tend to have incredibly pleasant energy with dark undertones to it. There is a sense of ecstatic arousal which is derived from their presence, particularly when they are actively feeding.

Hellborn ubi tend to have darker, higher and richer notes to their energies, with a warmth underneath.

On the other hand, lowborn ubi tend to have a more grounded sense to their energy.

Both of them have a clearly demonic-derived energy strain which makes their energies heavy and almost physically tangible. This makes them well-adapted to their feeding needs.


Personality-wise, there is great variation amongst individuals and it is difficult to give a generalized overview of their traits as each entity is unique.

For the most part, however, ubi can be very charming and tend to put people at ease- this is an adaptive behaviour that allows them to feed much more easily.

Having said this though, it is worth noting that hellborn ubi tend to be more territorial, especially of romantic partners, and may have stronger temperaments than their lowborn counterparts. They are typically much more intense about their feelings, with a proud, noble streak that might make them appear difficult at times. However, it can still be incredibly rewarding to work with them.

Lowborn ubis tend to be more relaxed and more emotionally-savvy in comparison, with a greater understanding and kinship of human values in general.


Ubi are born through sexual reproduction. However, this requires that there is intent on the ubi’s part to reproduce. Otherwise, the sexual energy will be consumed.

They are born naturally and reach maturity quite quickly in comparison to other entities and demonic beings. This is to their benefit, as it makes it easier to obtain the sexual energies they require for feeding.

When developing, they are typically able to feed passively and don’t require energy consumption from sexual acts- ambient feeding is enough. Additionally, if severely hard-pressed for energy, they can make do with other types (non-sexual energies). In the long-term though, this can cause malnourishment and ultimately, death.


Ubi societies are incredibly complex and varied depending on their location.

Typically, lowborn ubi tend to be more prosocial in their behaviours and their societies tend to be more expansive, interactive with outsiders, and welcoming.

Hellborn ubi tend to have a more militarized focus.

Regardless, it is important to note again that societal standards will vary greatly, depending on the ubi community you encounter.