This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.


Hellborn Demons


Hellborn Demons are those who inhabit one specific layer of the demonic realms. They are one of the best-known demonic species and are characterized by their highly-militarized society, hierarchical nature, and very particular personalities.  Hellborn Demons tend to have a very uniquely dense and easy-to-recognize energy too.

Despite the fact that they are so easily-recognizable though, there is a myriad of misconceptions regarding what they are like and their common interactions both with others and their society. Moreover, unlike Hollywood movies would lead you to believe, Hellborn Demons are very unlikely to find pleasure in things such as trying to possess, murder, or make humans miserable. They’ve got enough things to deal with in their own realm as is.

Working with Hellborn Demons can be a highly politicized thing, as there are several allegiances and complex social relations which are difficult for outsiders to grasp, but can nonetheless affect a relationship with them

Hellborn Demons can typically manifest in two ways. This relates to their lineage and social standing, although it can also be a matter of convenience or preference.

In one of their manifestations, they display typical traits associated with demons, such as horns (they are often ram-like, although different presentations are possible), an incredibly long and prehensile tail, and bat-like wings that are incredibly strong and powerfully built. They tend to be very tall (over seven feet, usually), with very well-muscled and strong bodies.

In their second possible form of manifestation, Hellborns can appear very human-like, although they will likely retain their height, as well as their intense energy. Those who are lower-ranking members of society typically manifest in the second form. Again, it is important to note this is not always the case though.

In both forms, Hellborn Demons will have very intense eyes and gaze. They also exude a sense of powerful confidence that can be both alluring and intimidating.


Hellborn energy is incredibly dense and heavy (almost wall-like), with a powerful, dark sense to it. It can be highly interactive with its environment, and, more notably, it can sometimes leave a lot of residues behind.

It is very pleasant to interact with, although those with lighter energy alignments might find it overwhelming or overbearing, especially upon first encounter.

There is an underlying ecstatic feeling to this demonic energy strain. This is characterized by a sense that can only be described as “getting chills.”

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Please note that this is a broad generalization and that there may be a great degree of variation of personality traits among individuals.

Personality-wise, Hellborn Demons can be arrogant, prideful, territorial, and very stubborn. They are also one of the most devoted entities I have had the pleasure of working with, and while they might be somewhat difficult to bond with at first due to these characteristics, the relationships formed with them can be highly rewarding. Once they have committed themselves to something or someone, they are not ones to give up. Their tenacity and resilience is truly admirable, and their ability to adapt and overcome challenges is enviable.

In addition to this, Hellborn Demons are incredible at navigating social situations due to their innate and keen understanding of how people work- they are both highly analytical and highly strategic.


Hellborn Demons are very long-lived. They reproduce through sexual reproduction and they take great pride in their lineages/bloodlines.

Life cycles are as typical for other species (childhood, youth, adulthood).

For the most part, Hellborn Demons are educated at a young age to fit into whatever vocation or role they will play within their society.


As mentioned before, Hellborn society is highly political and very hierarchical. Social classes are clearly defined and divided. Titles are sometimes fought over viciously. Alliances are common-place, and connections are vital in order to both survive and thrive within this specific realm.  

Social status is highly-valued, and while merit does play some role in social standings, more often than not, power is inherited and passed down through families.

Hellborn society is also incredibly militarized and Hellborns are very powerful warriors. As companions, this makes them well-suited protectors (which complements their personality just fine).