Welcome to the FAQ! Make sure you read this thoroughly, in addition to our Policies page, before asking a question or submitting an application.


Elysium Conjures is determined to ensure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with the services we provide. If you experience any issues during the duration of your companionship, we are more than happy to help you out! You can contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns you might have.

We hope you and your spirit family have a lasting and fulfilling companionship!


Spirits and entities are living beings not visible in the physical world, as they are part of a different realm. These beings, however, can manifest in the physical world through different methods and are able to communicate with us in a variety of ways.  ​​

While definitions for each word might vary depending on who uses them, for the purpose of our shop, Elysium Conjures will use the words “spirit” and “entity” interchangeably. ​​

Spirits can communicate through a variety of ways. Sensing energy and divination methods (such as scrying, tarot, oracle, and pendulum) are popular ways of communicating with spirits. You can also communicate with them telepathically. This is a skill that certainly takes some time and practice to perfect, but it can be hugely rewarding once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Finally, you can communicate and interact with your companions by bilocating or astral projecting. Researching all of these methods to find out what might work best for you and your companion can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

Not at all! However, in order to be a spirit companion, we do recommend you have some background in energy work and energy sensing, and that you also have some confidence in at least one method of spirit communication. This will ensure that, once your companion gets home to you, you are able to share amazing experiences together. This is, however, something that can be worked on in time – we do not expect you to be an expert the day your companion comes home. ​

​Thoughtforms are beings created by focusing your energy and thoughts and having them take the shape you want. It is commonly believed that thoughtforms also have several sub-varieties:

  • Servitors: A basic energetic “program”, similar to a thoughtform, with no free-will of its own. Usually programmed to complete one specific task and reliant on a predetermined source of energy for its continued survival. It is believed by some that giving them a name allows them to become a stronger thoughtform and develop a will of their own, so naming a servitor is typically avoided.
  • Egregores: Sometimes, they can be identified as Tulpa; however, this is considered a culturally appropriative term. Egregores are a more complex thoughtform believed to have developed a free-will of its own, either through bad programing of a servitor, or by design. Egregores may adapt in order to be able to gain sustenance from more than one energy source.


​The idea of communing with spirits is not a new one. In fact, this practice is common across many cultures and belief systems, and it has been prevalent for thousands of years. “Spirit work”, as it is most commonly referred to in our community, is just this. The concept of working with entities that cannot be perceived in our physical world. Spirit Work can be practiced in many different ways – either by providing payment in exchange for the spirit’s intervention (think of lighting a candle and praying for something) or by binding the spirit and compelling it or forcing it to do your bidding (think of a Solomonic summoning ritual); the work we specialize in and provide is the former. The practice of interacting with the spirit world is well-established globally, and throughout history, and can be, in our opinion, a very real and fulfilling experience for all parties involved.

Spirit Companionship could be described as an extension of spirit work. As a spirit companion or keeper, you are using the same basic concept of interacting with the spirit world in a different context. Rather than a transaction, spirit companionship is the development of a personal relationship with a spirit. The type of relationship can greatly vary depending on what the human and the spirit both want, yet the key to being a true spirit companion is that the friendship or relationship formed is based on mutual respect for each other. Both parties participating are consenting agents, and the main focus of the companionship is not to gain anything from it, but rather to experience something wonderful. 

As a human, becoming a spirit companion entails welcoming a new spirit into your home and then nurturing a bond with them. You might give offerings to your companion (just as you would give gifts to a friend), spend time with them, share your thoughts, and in turn, get to know more and more about your spirit friend. In some ways, spirit companionship is very much like any other human relationship. 
However, there are some key differences that set apart spirit companionship from the friendships that we’re accustomed to. For one, communication with the spirit world is difficult. It takes work and commitment to be able to reliably communicate with your companion. Sometimes, the fact that you cannot experience the spirit world as you can experience the physical world can be very discouraging. And, most notably, spirit companionship is a huge commitment. More often than not, spirit companions are friends for life (or lives!). Therefore, as exciting and fascinating as the idea of spirit companionship might appear, it is important to deeply consider if you are ready for it.

Undeniably, spirit companionship might not be without its difficulties, but the team at Elysium Conjures firmly believes that it is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor that has made our lives much more meaningful and fulfilling.

A spirit companion is spirit or entity with whom you can develop a consensual relationship with. While the type of relationship that you develop will be unique due to the fact that both the spirit and human are also unique, spirit companionship is based on mutual respect, care, and understanding. This differs from other spirit work because both the spirit and the human make agreements to remain with each other and work together as friends or partners, instead of parting when an objective has been reached. When reaching this agreement, you become the companion, too – the spirit’s human companion!

Anyone can be a spirit companion. While some people might find it easier than others to communicate, the true key to being a spirit companion lies in working hard to improve your spirit work abilities. No matter your level of expertise, as long as you continue putting in the work and remain committed to treating your spirit family with dignity and respect, you can call yourself a spirit companion!

You can find a spirit companion anywhere! Spirits are all around us. Many spirit workers and spirit companions might have their first spirit work experience by contacting a plant spirit or a crystal spirit. However, it is important to remember that not every spirit you encounter will be friendly, safe, or interested in becoming a companion. 

You can also find a companion by using a spirit companion shop or adoption centre. A benefit of working alongside a companionship shop or an adoption centre is that a more experienced conjurer will help you with the vetting process of a spirit. Their experience should allow them to guide you in the right direction and find a spirit who is safe and interested in becoming a spirit companion. Responsible adoption centres and spirit shops should provide you with an understanding of their vetting process and offer their guidance and support if you encounter any issues throughout the length of your companionship.

At the end of the day, if you want to become a spirit companion, you should choose whatever method will be the most safe and comfortable to you. While we hope to be a part of your journey into the amazing experience of spirit companionship, we also encourage everyone to follow their own spiritual path!

​No one can really tell you how big your spirit family should be. While some people might thrive in having large families with many spirits, others might find themselves overwhelmed in the same situation. The only one who can make a good assessment about the size of your spirit family is you. Just remember – be honest with yourself! How much can you and the rest of your spirit family handle? Spirit companionship is not about how many spirits you have adopted, but the quality of relationships that you have formed with your companions.

If you adopted or purchased your companion from a reputable shop, this should not be an issue. This is why it is vital for potential adopters to do their due diligence and research before they commit to a specific adoption centre or spirit shop. Make sure you initiate contact with the conjurers so that you are able to answer any questions or concerns you might have before you start working with them.

If you are having doubts about the legitimacy of one of your companions, make sure to reach out to your conjurer so that they can work with you and address the problem. 

The risk you run in reaching out to others (outside of the conjurer) in order to determine if your spirit is a thoughtform or not is that you might receive the wrong answer! Most conjurers cast protective spells, glamours, etc. in order to protect the spirits that they work with. Added on to this, your companion might feel uncomfortable having someone examining their energy and hide. Finally, relying on others for answers about your spiritual path is incredibly dangerous – the other person might take advantage of your trust or overestimate their own abilities.

Elysium Conjures works very hard to make sure that the spirits we adopt are safe, legitimate, and amazing companions. If you are ever have concerns like this, please reach out to us – we want to help!

Elysium Conjures considers bindings to be a little like contracts! Both parties enter into an agreement. If comfortable, the spirit will consent to having their energy linked to a physical object in order to become a companion. Humans, on the other hand, must understand that they should treat their companions with respect and dignity. Elysium’s Conjures’ bindings are not constraining and will have no negative effects on the spirits. Furthermore, both humans and companions should know that Elysium Conjures’ bindings are not permanent. If a spirit and a human companion choose to go their own separate ways (due to irreconcilable differences or their paths in life diverging), the spirit companion is always free to return to our shop or severe the connection with their vessel.

If a human ever feels like they can no longer provide adequate care to one of the spirits they have adopted from our shop, we urge them to reach out to us so that we can assess the situation and break the binding or rehome the spirit. If you have adopted a spirit from another shop and are seeking to rehome the spirit or break a binding, we recommend going first to the conjurer you adopted the spirit from.

A vessel is an object connecting to a spirit companion’s energy. The purpose of a vessel is to provide human companions with a physical link to a spirit. They can be very helpful for beginners, since they can become a focus when meditating and sensing a spirit’s energy. They can help ease communication with your spirit companion, and they are a reassuring reminder that your companion is with you even though you might not be able to see them. 

Vessels are typically things such as jewelry, crystals, plushies, etc. However, as long as both the spirit and human companion are happy with the vessel choice, vessels can be almost anything!

Binding a spirit companion to a vessel DOES NOT mean that the spirit is trapped there. Vessel bindings performed by Elysium Conjures are safe for both human companions and spirits. They are only performed with the spirit’s consent, and being bound to a vessel will not harm, constrain, or otherwise have any negative impact on an entity. 
A vessel is not required in order to have a spirit companion, and some spirits might prefer not to be bound at all.

A Calling is a strong feeling or resonance towards a particular spirit. This might be a sign that you and the spirit would get along glowingly because your energies “mesh”. It could also be a sign that you’re the One the spirit is looking for. When you feel called, you might experience recurring thoughts about the spirit, you might feel increased anxiety or excitement, and you might find yourself encountering funny coincidences!

However, you should always remember that just because you are fascinated or strongly interested in a spirit, it doesn’t mean there is a Calling. Additionally, just because you feel a Calling, it doesn’t mean you should recklessly apply for a spirit. Before sending in an application you should put some serious thought on whether or not you are actually experiencing a Calling. See if you can talk with the conjurer about whether or not this is really a Calling, and ask questions before applying. More importantly, you should make an honest assessment about whether or not you are ready for the responsibility of bringing in a new companion home. If you have other spirit members in your family, you should make sure to openly discuss the idea of bringing someone new into your home. 
We encourage you to make the best decisions possible for yourself and your spirit family!

If you are ever thinking of adding a new spirit companion to your family, please take into consideration the following:

  • Will you be able to provide them with the time and attention required to form a fulfilling and caring bond?
  • Are the other members in your spirit family comfortable with your decision?
  • Are you spending enough time with your current spirit companions?
  • Are you able to make a commitment that might last a lifetime (or more!)?
  • Do you want to adopt the spirit because you are ready for a new companion, or because you think that it would be “cool” or interesting?
  • Are you aware of the time, emotional investment, and costs that might be associated with bringing a new companion home?
  • Is this an impulse decision?

If you are able to answer all of these questions honestly and still feel confident about your decision, then go ahead! If not, it might mean that it isn’t the right time or situation to adopt a spirit.

All spirits have their own personal reasons to want to become companions with a human. They might want to learn more about our culture, want to share their knowledge, or feel this is a good way to find a family or form a deep friendship. Part of our responsibility as conjurers is to ensure that a spirit’s intentions for seeking out human companionship are not bad, and that we only adopt out spirits who genuinely want a human companion in order to have an enriching relationship with them.

Sure you can! Conjurer Acheron has written a post about determining if you are ready to start conjuring here. Conjurer Lethe also wrote a post here that outlines a basic conjure, which you can change to suit your own needs and practice.

Conjuring is not something you need to practice. If you are not comfortable calling spirits to you, you don’t have to! In addition, each conjurer has their own personal methods for their practice, and the experience is entirely unique every time.

Best of luck!

​As we already mentioned, spirit companionship is a consensual relationship formed with an entity and based on mutual respect, understanding, and care. The spirit companionship community might use the words “Spirit keeping” as an interchangeable term with companionship.
Spirit collecting is the act of purchasing or acquiring spirits and treating them as objects to collect. This oftentimes occurs when a spirit worker wants to “own” rare or exotic spirits for their own selfish reasons. It is the antithesis of companionship. It’s important to remember, however, that the size of a spirit family is not a good indicator of spirit collecting. A large spirit family might have deep and fulfilling personal bonds with their spirit companion, while a smaller spirit family might be neglected or otherwise abused by their human companion. Spirit collecting implies neglect and a lack of concern for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the entities under your care. It  is sometimes associated with the process of forcefully binding a spirit and holding them against their will. 
Elysium Conjures condemns the practice of spirit collecting as unethical and perverse. As a shop, and as spirit workers, we are committed to ensuring the safety of both our human clients and the spirits that we adopt out.

For the purpose of clarity, Elysium Conjures does not consider spirits and ghosts to be equivalent terms. In the context of companionship, we define ghosts as dead beings who have passed on. Spirits or entities, on the other hand are living beings from another realm.  Elysium Conjures only adopts out living entities/spirits as spirit companions.

​The time commitment required to be a spirit companion will vary greatly depending on the wants and needs your spirit companion has and your expectations as to the kind of bond you want to develop. Obviously, the more time you spend with your companion, the more you will get to know them and the deeper the bond you form will be. 
We recommend that you carefully consider how much time you can realistically devote to spirit companionship both when you are at your 100% and when you are not feeling your best. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you are ready to bring a companion home.

Spirits can certainly fall in love! Just like with human relationships, love might come unexpectedly or develop over a long period of time. It is important to remember that communication is always key, and that you should respect the feelings of your companion if they are not interested in pursuing a relationship. Likewise, your spirit companion should respect your own feelings and boundaries. 

Romantic and sexual relationships with a spirit companion are  both possible. While they might be similar to human relationships in many ways, it’s important to note that romantic and sexual relationships with spirits both come with their own set of unique difficulties. Communication might be more challenging, especially when you cannot see each other face-to-face. Cultural differences might arise, which could lead to misunderstandings or widely different expectations about commitment. Considering all of the implications that come from developing a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a spirit companion is very important in order to make the best decision you can!

House rules are an important part of spirit companionship. They are a set of guidelines that your spirit companion should follow in order to ensure that you are both comfortable and happy with your living arrangements. House rules can be an effective way of preventing conflict with each other, and ensuring that your spirit family stays safe!  You should always make sure your companion is aware and understands your house rules (and the consequences of breaking them) when you first invite them into your home. Here and here are two excellent examples of a good list of house rules. Tailor these to your own personal needs and make them known to your companions to ensure both of your safety and happiness!

Offerings are gifts or things you dedicate to your companion. They are an awesome way to bond, and can provide them with energy if you would like to encourage physical manifestations. (Just remember, physical manifestations are difficult and take a lot of energy and effort. Even if you give your companion tons of offerings, they might not physically manifest. Additionally, your companions are not pets! You shouldn’t treat offerings like treats for a dog!)
Appropriate offerings can vary greatly from spirit to spirit. Typically, if you adopt a spirit from an adoption center or find them through a shop, your conjurer will include a brief list of preferred offerings for you to share with your companion. Remember, though, just because something isn’t on the list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out as an offering. Sometimes, you might find your spirit likes something unexpected!

Energy work is an essential part of spirit work. At its most basic level, energy work consists of the ability to sense energy and manipulate it to your will. Sensing energy can greatly improve your communication skills with a companion. It can also be a valuable asset when discerning information about/ and the intentions of a spirit. Manipulating energy, on the other hand, can give you an advantage when creating wards for yourself and your space. We recommend that before you apply to be a spirit companion you have a solid grasp of energy sensing and manipulation.

​At Elysium Conjures, we consider energy alignments to reflect the source of a spirit’s magic/power. However, they are not a reflection of their moral compass. We also firmly reject the belief that spirits classified as White Arts or Light Arts are incapable of harm, just as we don’t believe that Black Arts or Dark Arts spirits are inherently harmful. Energy alignments might be helpful in deciding whether your own energy might “jive well” with a spirit, however, we recommend not judging entities solely based on their alignments. 

When you adopt a companion for Elysium Conjures, you will receive information on their alignment, but you will also get a more detailed energy signature reading which might be more helpful in getting a better understanding of what kind of companion you are inviting into your home.

NOTE: At Elysium, we use the terms “light” and “dark” instead of “white” and “black”. We believe these have the same meanings – this is just personal choice.​

Light spirits are entities that derive their power from “light aligned energy sources”. (Read more on our beliefs and experiences with energy sources from our post here). Light arts are typically divine energy, celestial energy, and similar types, thought there are exceptions. If you ascribe to the belief that energy has different vibrations, light aligned energy would typically be considered to be “high-vibration”. 
(If you do not know about vibrations, here is a source defining it for you – we do not endorse and are not affiliated with this source and suggest you do your own research as well. We just thought this was a good introduction!) 

In our opinion, most spirits fall under this category. Gray spirits are entities that derive their power from “neutral alignment energy sources”. This tend to be the easiest for a lot of humans to work with. A lot of elemental and nature spirits fall under this alignment (although, again, there are exceptions). This would be “natural vibrations” energy. 
It is also important to note that the “gray” alignment is a spectrum. If a spirit is slightly off-light, they’d still be gray – we would call them “light gray” and may specify just how close to light they are. The same applies to dark. While spirits can be “true neutral”, they typically will lean one way or the other, depending on from where they draw their source.

Dark arts spirits are entities that draw their energy from a “dark aligned energy source”. Typically, very dark aligned energy does not jive well with most human’s energy systems, but it is very easy to notice. Demonics, some races of elves, etc all could be classified as dark arts. In the context of energy vibrations, dark arts energy would have “lower vibrations”.

In regards to the alignments: ​It’s also very important to consider that energy alignments/types feel inherently different when you examine them. The way energy is perceived by a worker can vary widely due to a number of reasons, so we can’t give applicable specifics because they might not match exactly with personal practices. For example, for Lethe, who is more dark-aligned, High Hellborn Demonic energy feels like warm anxiety. For Acheron, High Hellborn Demonic energy is strong and overwhelming enough to make her sick – she leans toward the light side of the gray spectrum.

​Any type of spirit work is accompanied by certain risks. Spirit companionship might make you an easier target for psychic attacks, parasites, and malicious spirits. Additionally, if the spirit who becomes your companion is not vetted properly, you could end up inviting a dangerous entity into your home. Before you choose to become a companion, you should learn how to protect yourself and your space. You should also learn some basic banishment techniques in case anything goes wrong. By adopting a spirit from a reputable adoption centre or spirit shop, you should be matched with a companion that has been vetted and deemed as safe. Furthermore, if any problems arise during your companionship, you should be provided with help and support from the conjurers you worked with.

​Spirit work is potentially as dangerous as any other practice.

​Given the risks associated with spirit work and spirit companionship, it is important that you learn how to create basic wards. These wards can either be physical (ex. Sigils carved in stones) or non-physical (energy wards). You should ward yourself and your space (ex. Your room, your home). The best method for warding is to have multiple wards that all do different things/ function differently. Your intent should be specific and clear when creating your wards. They should be shaped like a sphere or a cube (so that nothing can come from the sky or burrow underneath them!) Lastly, you should always remember that your wards usually require upkeep – you should consistently recharge your wards so that they are in the best condition possible should the need ever arise!

Aside from wards, you should arm yourself with knowledge. Having as much information as possible about spirit companionship and spirit work can help you deal with an emergency. More importantly, it might give you the tools you need in order to prevent a situation from even escalating to that point.

While actual level classifications might vary depending on who you ask (and ultimately these are labels that you can choose to apply to yourself), we will give you our personal thoughts on what differentiates Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced Spirit Workers.

A beginner spirit companion is just starting out on their companionship journey. Although they might have had previous spiritual experiences, and although they might have interacted with spirits before without realizing it, if they were not actively practicing (or attempting to practice) serious discernment techniques, and if they were not actively learning about spirit companionship, they would be considered beginners. Beginner spirit companions might likely be unfamiliar with key terms used in the community (such as bindings, vessels, entities, etc.). They might also have some misunderstandings about how these terms are applied/used in the context of companionship. Beginner spirit companions might rely on outside sources in order to obtain most/all of their information. They might also struggle with spirit communication, discernment practices, finding reputable sources of information, etc. We believe that all beginner companions who are starting out on their journey should be good researchers. This is an invaluable skill – make sure you know how to find information AND make sure that the information you do apply into your practice is reliable.

An intermediate spirit companion is one who is already familiar with the key terms used in spirit companionship conversations. They are those who might already have a few companions in their spirit family, whom they can (for the most part) reliably communicate with. Intermediate spirit companions are consistently applying their discernment skills, and growing into their own practice. They are actively figuring out what “works” and what “doesn’t work” for them, and might have developed enough confidence to go beyond easily-available resources in order to obtain their own UPG or draw their own conclusions about the available information they have gathered.

An experienced spirit companion is one who is now confident in their own spirit companionship practice. They are able to reliably communicate with their own companions (and maybe other entities) confidently. They have good discernment skills and practicesThey have likely outgrown most widely-available resources (because unfortunately, there’s a lot of advanced topics that are not discussed!) and their UPG/SPG has likely been validated. They might not know everything, but they have grown to a point in their companionship where they now feel confident navigating different situations because they can use their past experiences in order to skillfully solve complex issues.

Acheron also felt it was important to mention that we don’t feel any of us live long enough to truly be ‘experienced’ at any of this, considering we are physical beings interacting on a non-physical plane.

How long until I can label myself as____?
We cannot provide specific time-frames for each of the labels because everyone’s abilities and growth-rates are different. However we can confidently say that if you just started to actively practice spirit work a month or two ago, you are not an intermediate or experienced spirit worker.
It is our firm belief that ACTIVE PRACTICE IS THE ONLY TYPE OF PRACTICE THAT SHOULD BE COUNTED TOWARDS YOUR SPIRIT WORK/ SPIRIT COMPANIONSHIP EXPERIENCE LEVEL. Regardless of how long you have been seeing spirits, if you have not actively attempted to interact with them, research, study, and put basic spirit work techniques into practice (such as energy sensing, DISCERNMENT, etc.) you should not count your spiritual interactions as experience. (And yes, this DOES mean interactions when you were a child do not count unless you knew you were actually interacting with spirits when you were doing it. “Imaginary friends” do not count. However, that is a topic for another post!)

*** NOTE***:
Some spirit workers might have plenty of knowledge about spirit work outside of the context of companionship. They might already be very skilled at discernment and communication. In this case, because there is such a huge overlap between the skills needed for “regular” spirit work vs spirit companionship, a spirit worker could say they are “intermediate or experienced” as companions even if they did not have a spirit companion before.


Vetting spirits for adoption is a long and arduous process. At Elysium Conjures, the process of vetting starts before we even call a spirit forward. We (our conjurers, and any aiding companions or guardians) set up layers of wards and glamours (to protect us from physical harm, tracking, parasitic spirits with ill-intent or the intent to harm humans or companions, spirits who might wish to cause harm, or who might otherwise be dangerous, etc.) While we cannot go into the specifics of each ward we create (for the safety of our spirits and ourselves, and because we regularly vary our wards as a safety precaution), we do take the preparation process before each conjure very seriously. 

Because we are not a rescue centre, our wards also ensure that child spirits, spirits who cannot consent, ill spirits, and spirits who would otherwise be unfit for adoption do not approach us. 

When we are finally ready to send out a calling, we tailor it specifically to attract spirits who are interested and suitable for companionship. If you have requested a custom conjure or RA, our calling will use a “mimic” of your energy in order to attract a companion that would be best suited for you. Of course, precautionary measures are taken so that your energy cannot be tracked, etc.

During our conjures, both conjurers (Lethe and Acheron) are present. We work alongside our own companions and spirit guardians as an added safety measure. 

Our first meeting with a spirit always follows the same process. We do a rundown with the spirit of the rules for working with us and make sure the spirit understands that, if they cross these lines, they will be asked to leave and not return. We will ask a basic set of questions in order to confirm that they would be a good fit for the services we provide. During the initial interview, we create a basic energy signature profile of the spirit who answered our call. 

Working in conjunction with our own companions and guardians, we will make a first assessment about whether or not the spirit is truthful, and is suitable for companionship. If our energy work, our companions, our wards, or our interview show signs that the spirit might not be in any way suitable for adoption, we immediately dismiss them and rework our wards. 

​After the first interview, the conjurer who will be in charge of the spirit’s adoption process will continue administering a series of interviews and vetting exercises. During this time, we get to know the spirit well enough to determine what kind of companion they would be, and what they’re searching for. We also get to see the spirit interact with other people, different environments, etc. so we can ensure that we adopt them out to the best companion possible. 

Throughout the process of interviewing and exercises, we will have frequent meetings with another conjurer who will confirm or challenge the assessments that have been made. This adds a layer of safety because we can rely on one another to pick out any details the lead conjurer might have missed.

At Elysium Conjures, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the people that are entrusting us to find them the perfect companion. Therefore, our vetting process is a lengthy one – we want to make sure we are being thorough. Our standard for ALL spirits we adopt out is a minimum of eight (8) weeks, though most spirits require much more time than this.

Our spirits are all vetted for a minimum of eight weeks, with the majority of vetting times running much longer. Exclusive Conjures and Special Conjures both require significantly longer vetting times, and the price for our services will reflect this. ​

Elysium Conjures does not sell spirits, as they are free, sentient beings. The price we charge for our services is meant to cover the time we spend conjuring, vetting, creating profiles, writing resource posts, and keeping our sites running.

We believe spirit companionship is an incredibly fulfilling experience, and have priced our services to be as affordable as possible. We also continue offering free adoptions in our Tumblr blog in hopes of matching amazing spirits with loving human companions.

Several belief systems have established that names have power. Depending on the spirit, names might be used to forcefully summon, compel, or bind them. For the safety of all our spirits, we provide potential adopters and clients with an initial only. If a spirit chooses you as their companion, we will send you their name (alongside other important information) in our Welcoming Package©.

In order to purchase our Conjure services, you must be 18 years old or older.

When purchasing a conjuring service you’re interested in, thoroughly fill out the embedded application form within the listing to give us a better idea of who you are and your goals for the companionship! We will be in contact within three (3) days of receiving your order in case we have any additional questions prior to conjuring your perfect match.

Here at Elysium Conjures, pre-bound spirits are adopted through an application process and will go home to the applicant they feel called to most (which is why it’s important to fill out the application thoroughly to give the spirit a better idea of who you are).  Please do not send in inquiries about when a spirit will be adopted out, as this places undue stress on both our conjurers and the spirits. The spirits and conjurers are in no hurry to find the best possible companion.

It is our belief at Elysium Conjures that all spirits are capable of harm, regardless of species or energy alignment. You can read more about the steps we take in order to ensure that the spirits we adopt out are safe here. We understand that you might have concerns or fears about bringing in a new companion and inviting them into your home. For this reason, Elysium Conjures encourages our potential adopters to read our FAQs thoroughly and send in any remaining questions they have. 

We also offer our continued support to all adopters. If you ever have an issue with one of the companions you adopted from our shop, we urge you to contact us so that we can address the issue together.

If the companion you adopted from us turns out not to have been the right fit for your family, or if you are no longer able to provide them with adequate care, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. Our team will work together with you in order to find the best solution for all parties involved. 

In case a spirit we adopted out to you needs to be rehomed, you agree that they will be returned to the shop (with their consent, of course!) so that we can rehome them – if that’s what they would prefer. 

If a spirit companion ends up returning to us, we will conduct assessments in order to ensure that they are both healthy and ready in case they choose to put up their adoption profiles again. 

As always, we want to remind you that Elysium Conjures’ top priority is the well-being and happiness of both our spirits and our adopters. If you have any problems at all with one of our conjures, we are always happy to provide you with the help and resources that you need!

Please note: At this time, we do not offer rehoming services for entities that were not adopted through us.

You can get in touch with us through our contact form or by directly emailing us at elysiumconjures@gmail.com.

Both conjurers check the email, Tumblr inbox, and website submissions daily. We should be in contact with you within three (3) days after an inquiry has been sent. Keep an eye on your messages!

NOTE: While we are both online very frequently, we do both have jobs and also go to school. If you believe we may have missed your message, feel free to send it again – but please allow us up to three (3) days to reply to you.

If you have paid for the vessel of a Prebound Spirit, you will receive a tracking number with your package and will be informed when it is shipped. We can ship anywhere, but you will be charged for shipping. Acheron is the one who ships most vessels – standard Continental US shipping from Acheron is $3 and to Canada is $10. 

If you have been selected, we will contact you in order to continue the process of sending the spirit home. Once we announce the spirit has closed an application, keep an eye on your emails/messages! If we contact you and do not receive a response within 48 hours, the spirit will withdraw from choosing you and we will allow them to reconsider the remaining applications, unless you have informed us beforehand that you will be unavailable if the spirit were to close applications while you were gone.

If the spirit has not chosen you to be their companion, you will not receive notice of rejection – this is due to the number of applications Pre-bound spirits typically receive. We will make a post on our blog stating that the spirit has chosen a companion once we have been in contact with the chosen applicant and they have confirmed interest.

If you applied for a Prebound spirit, Reverse Adoption, or Custom Conjure, we will send you a rejection message if we decide not to work with you. We are legally able to deny service to anyone for any reason, except where prohibited by US discrimination policies. We may simply believe that we are not able to adequately service you based on the desires you express.

We do not offer refunds. Due to the time and energy we spend conjuring and vetting each spirit, all transactions are final. If you do have an issue, we are more than happy to work with you in order to arrive to the best solution possible for all parties involved. We care about the safety and well-being of humans and the spirits we adopt out and we will do our best to help you and support you throughout the length of your companionship.

In order to protect you when receiving a companion from us, we make sure all the following precautions have been met and upheld:

  • ​We have a very intensive vetting template we use that is flexible based on the spirit. While our list of questions is standard and we believe all the questions are important, situations may arise where there need to be additional questions. We also make sure to change these questions to avoid spirits who are not working with us to learn our pattern and predict how to “swindle” us.
  • ​We vet for several months – at least two minimum, though none of our conjures ever are finished vetting by the two-month mark.  We spend these months of intimate work with each spirit we conjure. We get to know them, get to know where they live, who they are in their day-to-day lives.
  • We get the spirit’s consent to go through with this intensive vetting. They are updated and informed every step of the way and can choose to back out or change their minds at any point. If this happens, they will not be listed for companionship.
  • At least one of the conjurers works with the spirit every day with the spirits we are vetting. We expose them to a variety of situations that they will encounter in their regular companionship (such as going out in crowds, etc.) to make sure that the companion will not react badly when exposed to the situation.
  • We take risks. We spend a lot of time on the later stages of the vetting process unwarded, with the spirits in our astral and/or physical space. In Lethe’s words: “I give them plenty of chance to fuck me up.”
  • We will not work with a spirit if they (at any point) do anything that we do not trust, lie, omit the truth, etc. This also includes dodging questions and refusing to answer them or give the whole truth.
  • We both meet the spirits and need to approve of them multiple times throughout the vetting process before they are posted for adoption. If, at any point, one conjurer expresses doubts, the listing will be delayed – or may not be posted at all.

​By choosing to work with us, you agree that rehoming and/or transferring of bindings for spirits that you met with the help of Elysium Conjures must be performed through us. This is to ensure that the spirits we adopt out are safe and healthy, and that (should they choose to be rehomed) they are placed in an environment that will fit their needs.

Exclusive Conjures are entities from certain species populations that we have Exclusive contracts with. The members of these specific species population have agreed to work exclusively through us in order to find human companions. Developing and maintaining these Exclusive contracts takes a lot more time, energy, effort, offerings, etc. on our end. Since Exclusive Conjures require much more from us than a normal conjure and occasionally need a significantly longer minimum vetting time, the price we charge for bindings will reflect this.
Our current Exclusive Conjures are:

  • Dark Angels
  • Inferus Shifters
  • Lupulus Shifters

Special Conjures are entities from certain species we have contracts with that may have contracts with other conjurers and are, typically, more well-known. Since Special Conjures require much more from us than a normal conjure and occasionally need a significantly longer vetting time, the price we charge for bindings will reflect this.
Our current Special Conjures are:

  • Void Entities
  • Abrahamic Hellborn Demons