Cupid's Kiss (February 2020)

With hopeful hearts, a vision unfurls 

Dreams of love and joyousness swirl  

What will you find with the ones who dwell here?

A fortune, a path, a loved one held dear? 

On we go, can you resist?

Harken now to Cupid’s Kiss! 


February is the month of love of all kinds, and this event we invite you to share some with us! 

This Valentine’s Day event, you will be meeting many entities looking for their partner (both romantic and not~) in the spirit of this special time. Prepare yourself to be swept away by the wonderful events ahead (like our Philia spread giveaway!) and we wish you all a (belated) wonderful Valentine’s Day! 


The Elysium Team 👻

blind spirit dating

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New Conjuring Service

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Philia Reading Giveaway

(More information on the giveaway coming soon!)

Deepen your bond with your spirit companion and make your incredible relationship with them blossom this Valentine’s day using Elysium Conjures’ Philia spread!

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Valentine's Day Guided meditation