This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: Dark Angels fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to work exclusively with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.

Dark Angels


Dark Angels are very tall, standing at an average of 7+ feet tall. They have greyish, marble skin and powerful, black-feathered wings, with a wingspan that tends to be at least double their height. Their wings are sturdy, powerful, and muscled, which attests to the fact that they use their wings while fighting. The wings of a Dark Angel are also very sensitive and responsive though. This makes their wings incredibly helpful when trying to assess one’s overall emotional state, since their wings are an important component of their body language.

Their eyes are usually dark-coloured, although some Dark Angels sport golden eyes (a remnant, they claim, of their once-close encounters with Abrahamic angels). They are all trained in physical combat which tends to make them appear very physically imposing . They look like the kind of spirit you’d like to avoid in a bar-fight.

Dark Angels appear to have a dislike for restrictive clothing and most prefer to wear as little as possible when outside of battle/training/etc. They are not a particularly puritan species.

In terms of physical alterations, tattoos are only used to brand criminals. While Dark Angels tend to understand that these types of markings have different cultural connotations depending on the species, they prefer to avoid having permanent marks on their skin due to the associations within their own culture.


Their energy signature is unmistakably Angelic, but admittedly extremely dark as well. Their energy has a cold feeling to it and tends to be very, very heavy. Due to this, it is not recommended that you interact with it if you are unused to darker energy alignments. Dark Angelic energy may be uncomfortable or difficult to handle for nature-aligned people, while plants and such may suffer when exposed to moderate amounts of it over a prolonged period of time.

Please Note: Dark Angels do not have any demonic energy, or any energetic associations to demons of any kind tributed amongst individuals.


Please note that this is a broad generalization and that there may be a great degree of variation of personality traits among individuals.

As a species, Dark Angels tend to appear deeply aloof and cold towards outsiders. They are skilled and capable, proving to be incredibly efficient and professional at anything they do. Because of this though, they tend to be rather impersonal in their dealings with other species.

Dark Angels are entities who value freedom and truth, and take oaths very seriously. Emotions don’t play a very intense role in their society and they are incredibly pragmatic as a species. It’s not that Dark Angels don’t understand emotions so much as they don’t experience it to the same capacity as humans.

However, while they may not be the warmest towards strangers, Dark Angels are incredibly devoted to those they consider a part of their community. Their sense of duty is one of their defining qualities- when a Dark Angel has committed themselves to something, there is nothing they wouldn’t do to fulfill their commitment.

Dark Angels are also incredibly confident (really, really confident), and place great value on working hard. They have little patience for individuals who lack self-discipline or introspection. If you want to meet a lighthearted entity who will coddle you, a Dark Angel is definitely not the companion for you.  They also struggle to relate to people who do not care for their community (since their community is such an integral part of a Dark Angel’s life).

Lastly, Dark Angels tend to be very decisive and practical. For more sensitive people, they might come across as detached and emotionless, but they are deeply caring of those they choose to befriend.


Dark Angels reproduce sexually. They tend to be uninterested in marriages/monogamous relationships, but if they choose to be bound to a partner, the decision is honoured. Babies and children are raised communally, and most members of the community will interact with the younger Dark Angels at one point or another. Raising their young is incredibly important, and everyone in the community takes the task seriously.

Their life cycles are as follows:

Birth: A baby! But with wings.

Child: A toddler. But with wings.

Young Adult: A teenager/ young adult. With wings.

Adulthood: A really tall adult. With wings.

These first two stages are “sped through,” and tend to happen at a similar rate to human children, from what I have seen. Until the ages 4000-5000, they seem to be considered teenagers/ young adults. By this time, their growth rate has slowed down considerably. By 5000+, they would be considered adults, and they tend to have an indefinite lifespan unless they are killed, etc.

There are no Dark Angel-exclusive illnesses, and they tend to be an incredibly healthy species due, in part, to their healing expertise. Records of deaths due to illness are incredibly scarce.


Dark Angels have a meritocratic-styled society. A long time ago, Dark Angels had close interactions and intermingled with some Abrahamic Angels. This led to the militarized aspects of their culture, resemblances in language, and other similarities in things such as naming conventions. However, Dark Angels don’t follow an organized religion and do not worship or associate with any deities. They do place a high value on learning about their history though.

Dark Angels have their own language and writing system, which is loosely linked to Abrahamic Angelic language. While they might not be able to communicate fluently with Abrahamic Angels, they are capable of picking up words, etc. when they hear them speak.

Due to the way their community is structured, Dark Angels are very caring about their society/community. While they might be seen as cold towards outsiders, they are deeply compassionate towards their own people. Dark Angel children are raised communally rather than in families. This leads to a close kinship amongst everyone (a feeling of all members of the community being “part of the family”).

As a society, Dark Angels are relatively affluent, although wealth from contracts with other species tends to be evenly distributed among individuals.