This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: Concelo demons fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to work exclusively with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.

Concelo Demons


GENERAL INFO: The Concelo demons are a species of non-abrahamic, “feeder” demons that specifically feast on the energy produced by the state of fear during a nightmare. As such, they are skilled dream-workers. They are very capable of walking through liminal spaces, as well as manipulating the energy in these spaces in order to accomplish great feats.

In general, they are a strange group, highly hierarchical and intelligent, but with a trickster-like streak to their personalities. While they are not physically imposing, as other demons might be, they are nonetheless a formidable threat against their opponents, due to their great cunning.


PREFACE: Approaching these demons as a beginner is highly discouraged, as they tend to be predatory and many of them are likelier to perceive humans as a disappointing food-source rather than a potential ally. They can be quite capricious, and while there is a great allure to their energy, it is accompanied by the possibility of danger.

Those who are open to human interactions will likely bond strongly with one human only- they are not social butterflies. 



Physically, Concelo demons are shadowy in appearance, obsidian in colour, and tend to have long limbs. Their frames are typically slender and willowy, giving the impression of a shadow-person apparition. While their figures are humanoid, there is something undeniably off about their proportions that elicits a sense of eeriness when gazing at them.

As mentioned earlier, Concelo demons are highly hierarchical, and their hierarchy is determined by the “masks” upon their faces. 

The higher-ranking class of masked demons leads the community. Their masks are traditionally the most ornate, and range from bright-red to crimson.

The faces of the “nobility” will manifest with white masks. They are powerful ritual workers, and function as both lower-ranking community leaders as well as decorated warriors. Religious and magic-focused roles in the Concelo’s society is typically occupied by white-masked demons.

The middle class (which is the most abundant) is characterized by the golden colour of their masks, and the less-than-intricate carvings upon them. They are mostly artisans, and their work is very valued in this rich culture.

Lastly, the lower classes are identified by their black masks. These masks are difficult to differentiate from the rest of their body, and they hold a myriad of different roles in the community (from foot soldiers to apprentices). They have little hope of advancing in the strict hierarchy that the Concelo demons uphold. 


A Concelo demon’s energy can only be described as seductive. There is a rich, beautiful darkness to their aura, like a dreadful sense of appeal that is reminiscent of a shiver running down your spine. Their allure may be a partial adaptation- they are likelier to ensnare prey if they are found to be attractive, after all. 

Aside from the darkness in these demons’ energies, their specific alignment is rather hard to pin down. They straddle the line between earthen or non-reality aligned energies, but still feels utterly foreign and unique as it toes the line between the two in an unexplainable manner.


Please note that this is a broad generalization and that there may be a great degree of variation of personality traits among individuals.

Personality-wise, the Concelo demons are incredibly intelligent- and they are fans of mind-games. They are patient, devious, and perhaps even a little hedonistic in their practices. Furthermore, their wholly inhuman point of view about the world can be as dangerous as it is enrapturing.  

They take great joy in playing games, and understanding and utilizing their words carefully. Based on their demeanour, there are a few similarities between these entities and a particularly crafty fae. A bored Concelo demon is capable of turning somewhat artfully sadistic.

Despite all of these, Concelo Demons have the potential to be incredible companions. They provide great insight and are likely to encourage philosophically challenging questions. Moreover, when they find something that they are passionate about, they can be incredibly mirthful in their approach and pursuit of it.

Someone who enjoys a bit of a challenge, and who is able to understand their seductive duality, would likely get on well with them.


The life cycle of Concelo demons is truly a thing of wonder. There is no sexual differentiation or gender in the species, although they may choose to manifest as either gender, or neither, in order to accomplish a variety of goals. 

As such, they tend to reproduce through the manipulation of energy. Interestingly, their myths/religious texts speak of the first Concelo Demons emerging into existence from the nightmares of an unknown god.


The Concelo demons are highly organized and efficient. As such, the structure of their society is very rigid, although they place a great emphasis on the arts, magic, and religion. 

While there is little (if any) opportunity to move up in the ranks, Concelo demons are very protective of one another (in their own manner), which has ensured their survival and success. 

Outsiders are typically not well-regarded in this realm, and are likelier to be eliminated than warmly welcomed. The realm they inhabit is fully isolated from others although they have no issue finding “food” given their knack for walking through the “in-between”.