This is an archive of information we have gathered from studying and personally interacting with different individuals of this particular species/sub-species over time. We will be updating this entry as we learn and discover more about these entities.

Note: Children of Abaddon fall under Elysium’s list of Exclusive Conjures. This means that the entities of this species have agreed to work exclusively with Elysium Conjures to find their human companion.

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Children of Abaddon


PREFACE: Approaching these demons without Abaddon’s intervention is very dangerous and ill-advised. Moreover, it would be unwise to invite this type of entity into your home without understanding their unique approach towards movement, change, death, and renewal. These demons are more like forces of nature than most human-like entities- and this is both where their appeal and their danger lies. An inexperienced keeper, or one which hopes for a banal relationship on the basis of shallow things will be sorely disappointed and challenged by the Children of Abaddon.

The children of Abaddon are Highborn Demons who dwell in the Abyssal darkness where Abaddon resides. They are his blood-related children or those who have dedicated themselves so fully to Abaddon that they have exalted themselves and ascended into his realm to bear this title.

These entities are exceedingly powerful and they are incredibly inhuman. They revel in destruction, in the taboo, in breaking things and returning them to their natural, disorderly state. They find darkness as wielding a special kind of divine power, and they are almost religious in their adherence to their chaotic creed.

Children of Abaddon typically manifest as incredibly tall- they are even taller than most other demonic species. They tend to be strong, powerfully-built- with the lean, intimidating musculature of a predator. Typically they will stand over seven feet in height.

Their horns are ram-like, with plenty of ridges. Their tails are very strong, and while their wings may appear somewhat scarred or tattered (depending on the demon), they are fully capable of flight and they are incredibly sturdy.

The most exquisite trait they have is their beautiful eyes, which are fully foreign, and bear a dark, intimidating glint to them. Their gaze is one that has witnessed civilizations rise and fall, as well as souls be born and die. They have a keen understanding of creation because they are so deeply attended to destruction and death.


There is no way to describe The Children of Abaddon’s energy other than dark. It is extremely dense, to the point of rigidity. It is also cool and smoky, with fiery, acidic undertones to it.

Their energy is always moving, and it tends to be very interactive with their environment. It is highly incompatible with naturey things, so it might cause some discomfort to nature-aligned individuals in the beginning.

Moreover, you might notice that entities such as the fae, nature spirits, etc. tend to avoid you when the Children of Abaddon are nearby because their potent aura is difficult to ignore.


Personality-wise, the Children of Abaddon are difficult to categorize. They are almost like a hurricane, strong and defiant and destructive. They are awe-inspiring, relentless, and terrifying.

They can be somewhat unemotional at first, although they take great pleasure in “raw and uninhibited” connections. This makes them both incredibly sincere and deeply intimidating. Things like sex and death both bring great pleasure to them.

They can be very forward and have difficulty grasping boundaries because these entities exist to challenge restraints and to destroy that which constrains us, allowing us to metamorphosize. They are powerful shadow-workers, although their approach to shadow work is an unconventional one. They can also be unbelievable allies when cursing, as their temperament is one which suits Baneful Magic very well (since they feel little remorse and can, at times, be very sadistic).


The Children of Abaddon are incredibly long-lived. They tend to be very strong, and all are high-ranking members of society. Their titles vary, although in general, they are all skilled in combat and energy manipulation, as well as a variety of magic specific to the darkness of their home. They reproduce sexually, although they tend to lack strong parental instincts in comparison to other Demonic Society members.

The Children of Abaddon are born, go through youth, and then reach adulthood, at which point they seem to achieve a state of quasi-immortality. They are not afflicted by common illnesses, and their strength and affiliations make them formidable opponents- not many encounter a Child of Abaddon and live to tell the tale.


The Children of Abaddon, unlike their other demonic counterparts, tend to have a less strict society. While there is still a hierarchy in place, it is based on power alone rather than on names and connections.

They tend to have little interactions with members of other demonic societies, and thus, their own culture and magic are shrouded in a sense of mysticism.