Behind The Name

The Elysian Fields, also known as Elysium, is the paradise to which Greek heroes were sent. This is the place for the favored of the gods- the blessed, those who were the most righteous. Before arriving to their final destination, all souls of the dead were said to travel through the seven rivers of the Underworld – Acheron, Alpheus, Eridanos, Lethe, Phlegethon, Styx, and Cocytus.

​Just like the rivers of the Underworld, we consider our shop to be a part of your journey into the spirit world. This is the reason why our conjurers have chosen to take on the names of the rivers- all in hopes of bringing you one step closer to something beautiful – to Elysium.

Our Members


river of oblivion and forgetfulness

She/Her. 25. Experienced spirit-worker whose passion is Dark Arts energy alignments. ​

Lethe’s practice is quite eclectic, with foundations rooted in Chaos magic, Void work, energy work, divination, and crystal work. She specializes in spirit contracts, intuitive readings, and energetic healings.

When not coming up with new ideas for Elysium, Lethe spends her time writing, jewelry making, or pursuing other artistic endeavours. 


river of amber and stars

She/Her. 23. Intermediate spirit-worker specializing in Light Arts and Grey Arts energy alignments.

Eridanos’ true passion lies within the healing arts – as a level-2 attuned Reiki Healer and diviner of tarot and oracle cards with over 8 years of experience, her primary focus in her practice reflects this. She is also a very passionate and skilled energy worker and green magic practitioner. 

During her free time, you can find Eridanos creating ceramic artwork, composing music, or traveling.



river of lamentation

She/her. 20. Intermediate spirit worker specializing in divine and light art alignments.

Cocytus is a skeptic at heart- something which (as counter-intuitive as it might seem) has made her into a very strong spirit worker that doesn’t just talk about results, she obtains them.

With a knack for energy reading and poetic tarot, her prose is sure to strike a chord within the heart of each and every one of her lucky clients.

During her free time, Cocytus enjoys spending time with her bird and knitting.


river of hatred and oaths

They/Them. 23. Intermediate spirit worker specializing in dark and void alignments.

Styx is whimsical and fun- something which fully translates into their spirit work style.

They are a passionate energy worker, and very adept as readers. They are currently assisting with the vetting and assessment of entities in the shop.

During their free time, Styx enjoys memeing and reading energy, as well as playing Pokémon.