Finding Your Energy Alignment

Written by Conjurers Acheron and Lethe on February 6th, 2018.
This article was written in response to a question on the blog about how to find your own alignment when evaluating your individual energy signature.

We answered an ask similar to this one a while ago, but that was specific to Void. Lethe and I wanted to make a bigger response for you to go into more detail about finding your alignment, outside of Void Work.

As with the other post, just to have here as a reference for others, here’s how we define alignments in our FAQ:
“At Elysium Conjures, we consider energy alignments to reflect the source of a spirit’s magic/power. However, they are not a reflection of their moral compass. We also firmly reject the belief that spirits classified as White Arts or Light Arts are incapable of harm, just as we don’t believe that Black Arts or Dark Arts spirits are inherently harmful. Energy alignments might be helpful in deciding whether your own energy might “jive well” with a spirit, however, we recommend not judging entities solely based on their alignments.”

Before you start trying to figure out your alignment, you should have a pretty good foundation of energy work basics. This will make it significantly easier to puzzle out your alignment, because you’ll be more capable of examining yourself and trying things out to see what works. If anyone would like to get started in energy work, here’s a good post with lots of links to start you off. I also have some information in my Energy Work tag.

If you feel like you’re ready, let’s talk about alignments!

First off, let’s talk about the “light to dark” energy alignment spectrum, and why we use it. Here’s a brief explanation of how we categorize Light, Gray, and Dark energies.
The first thing I want to point out here is that this is an extremely simple categorization/breakdown of energy alignments, and that is the entire point. This is the most basic way to categorize alignments, and is intended to be a “starting point” when evaluating energy alignments.
Rather than considering it as three separate and distinct groupings, consider it more like this image:


As you can see, this is quite the broad range! As an example, after heavily evaluating my own energy, I found I fall somewhere around the 2 marker on the top scale. This makes me Gray, leaning more toward Light.

It’s important to note that “Dark” is not “evil”, and “Light” is not good. Like we explained in our FAQ response, Light Arts can hurt you as easily as Dark Arts. We base our classifications off the energetic properties of the alignment, not the being’s moral compass.

Figuring out where on this spectrum you fall can help figure out what other types of alignments you may have. In the end, it is a basic spectrum meant to give the very starting guidelines to you when describing an energy alignment.

Your energy alignment is much more complex than just Light, Gray, or Dark.

How do you find your own alignment? First, step back and take a look at yourself.

  • Be familiar with the basics of energy work and how your own energy feels, looks, functions, etc. Examine your own energy in-depth. What kind of feelings do you get from it? What does it remind you of? How does it “appear”?
  • If you are familiar with energy work, examine how your energy manifests itself – your alignment will heavily impact this. Is it solid? Wispy? Is it heavy and noticeable even for people who don’t work with energy? These are all good things to consider when trying to figure out your energy alignment. For example, demonic-aligned people might have very heavy and thick energy that seems to “weigh upon the room”. (This is a generalization for the purpose of this post.) From a personal standpoint, before I did any kind of energy work (and before I went by the name Sunny), people constantly compared my “personality” or how I “come off” (how they perceive me) to sunshine. It makes a lot of sense, now that I know my own alignment!
  • What kind of beings are consistently drawn to you? What kind of beings and energies are you repelled by? (For myself, I learned that I am not capable of working with True Void energy; it feels suffocating to me. This was a pretty good clue that I am, by far, not Void-aligned.)
  • What kind of magic do you practice, if any? For example: Are you a Green Witch? Does working with Nature energy and magic come very easily to you? Consider that you may be Earth- or Nature-aligned.
  • Energy readings, meditation, and introspection are the best ways to find alignments. Relying on divination tools such as tarot or pendulum is not as helpful. We strongly recommend searching on your own first, and then finding a reliable energy reader to see if they can offer any confirmation or additional information.

In addition, there are other things to consider:

  • Your energy may not be one type. For example, I am Solar-Aligned, but my energy also contains strong traces of Fire and Air, along with other strands. Some energies I work with are also not present in my Alignment. It’s okay to be a mixture of multiple types!
  • There’s a lot more than just elemental or Earthen alignments. There’s demonic, angelic, fae, celestial, non-reality… the list goes on and on.
  • Your alignment can change and shift, either through attunements or gradually based on what and who you work with.
  • Just because you like something doesn’t mean you’re aligned to it. Just because you never considered something doesn’t mean you are NOT aligned to it. (I love water and its energy, but I am far from water-aligned.)

Don’t be afraid to explore. Think about things you find comfort in or things you find very personally symbolic. Do you see anything in a recurring manner during meditations, or are you drawn to specific things? For example, someone who is Nature-aligned may be strongly drawn to gardening or long walks in the woods, or may repeatedly see a deep forest during their meditations. In addition, test out the energy you think you may be aligned to. See if you can get in touch with it, and observe how it feels to you. Is it easy to work with, or does it seem like a struggle? Once you tap into the energy you’re aligned to, you’ll know. There’s a click, and it’s likely that you’ll feel it.

But you can’t stop there! Consider this: there are subclasses and subtypes to almost every energy type or alignment. This deals heavily with our own experiences with energy types, so the terms we use may be different than what you know, but I’m sure the concept is nothing new.

To begin, there is a “class” of energy – let’s use Earth energy as an example. This is an elemental energy, and is a class of its own. Some of its subtypes would be their own “family” of energy – for our example, Nature energy would be an example of this. It is a type of Earth energy, but is distinct in its own ways. To go even further, there are different energy “strains” – Flora energy would be a strain of Nature energy and in the Earth energy family. You can find other types within these, too, including mixtures, sub-strains, and more.

Ultimately, it’s something that is going to take a lot of work on your part. It might be easy to find your alignment, but it can also be very, very hard. It’s also possible to get it wrong – you may learn more about yourself as you progress and discover things you didn’t know, which may change how you view and use your own energy. Alignments can change over time, for many, many reasons, and there is always more to learn.

Your energy alignment is defined by your source. Your energy core is likely connected to a source well*, and this affects both its composition and the type of energy your energy core produces and processes. For reference, here’s Lethe’s post on Source Wells.

Alignments can make it easier or more difficult to work with certain energies. If you are an experienced energy worker and you have difficulties manipulating specific energy types, it might be due to your alignment. (If you are a beginner and struggling, it might just mean you need more practice).

Alignments can affect the way your energy system looks. For example, certain alignments tend to have bigger energy points. Nature aligned people tend to have big heart centers, and Void-aligned people have big mind centers. While these are generalizations, there are some consistencies in certain alignments.

Alignments can also affect your overall energy system health – some alignments are more prone to certain energy issues. Nature-aligned people might have more recurring issues with energy contamination than, say, an Eldritch-aligned person.

Certain alignments can make various areas of energy work easier, and they can make other areas more difficult. Healing might come more naturally to nature-aligned individuals, and energy tether-work might be easiest for death-aligned individuals. This does not mean death-aligned individuals cannot be adept at healing, but those with different alignments might find it to be more innate and easy than others. (Please remember, innate abilities/talents do not make up for hard work, diligence, and experience!)

Being aligned to a certain type of energy also does not mean you can work with that energy in its purest form or channel mass amounts of it to work with. If I were to work with pure and highly concentrated Solar energy, I would be seriously harmed, even though I am Solar-aligned. There are limits to your energetic body, just the same as there are limits to your physical body. Know your limits. Don’t hurt yourself – you may risk losing the ability to do energy or spirit work entirely.

Disconnected energy vampires and other energetic anomalies should be assessed in a case-by-case basis since they might not have a source connection to aid in energy-alignment identification.

Don’t rush yourself in figuring this out – it took me several years to figure out I’m Solar-aligned, when you’d think it would be obvious (yes, my name is Sunny, but no, I didn’t name myself after my alignment). Once you figure it out, it will click easier than any other energy type(s) will.

In the end, remember that this is very personal and will take a lot of personal work to figure out. Outside confirmation may help, but ultimately you are the one who will have to work this out. It will take practice and experimentation. Be open to what comes, and to what has always been there.

We hope this helped shed some light on the subject, and we wish you the best of luck! If you have more questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

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It is important to remember that all the information provided in our Encyclopedia is based on our own studies, experiences, and UPG – “unverified personal gnosis”. None of this information can be proven to be factual, but we do extensive studies and cross-checking with multiple spirit workers and different members of the species in question to verify that our information is as correct as it can be. Our goal is not to “prove” our UPG, as this is impossible, but we do seek to give a better insight on certain topics based off our own experiences.