Spirit Conjuring: A Crash Course

Written by Conjurer Lethe on February 4th, 2018.
This article provides a simple outline for spirit-workers to follow when first learning how to conjure. Please remember this is not a comprehensive list of instructions and every conjurer’s method is different – don’t forget that it’s important to take as many precautions as possible when reaching out to spirits!

Before we begin, I strongly recommend you take a look at these two posts written by Acheron, which delve more deeply into discernment and how to gauge if you are really ready to conjure.
Please note that this guide is designed for spirit workers who already are capable of warding and sensing spirits. If you don’t know how to ward your space, or how to tell if it’s the wind howling or a spirit trying to get your attention, you should not be conjuring.

Before you even get started with any conjuring – have a purpose. In the beginning, it is very helpful to have a clear game-plan of what you want to do. Do you want to learn a new skill? Ask questions to a member of a species you’re very interested about? Consider this and write it down.
Take notes. Write as thorough a document as you are able to – spare no detail on the type of thing you are hoping to accomplish with your conjure. The more you write, the easier the rest of your conjure will be.
Additionally, research some banishing methods (I have included a few helpful links at the end of this post!), and prepare an offering. Please note that the offering you provide should be of equal value to the thing you are asking for. For example, if you are conjuring an entity because you want them to empower a spell, the offering you provide should be of higher value than if you are calling a spirit just to ask about their day.


  • Offering
  • Banishment spell and ingredients (if you need them)
  • Wards
  • Divination method (you can use telepathy if this is your strong suit, but having a divination method is incredibly helpful to confirm your answers and should be used as another method to verify answers during your vetting sessions)
  • Cleansing spell and ingredients (if you need them)
  • A quiet place, free of interruptions
  • Your written document

Make sure you have all of your materials ready. If you are going to need to banish something, you don’t want to have to pause your ritual and run to the kitchen for salt. Make sure your divination tools and your space have both been cleansed, and that you will have at least an hour of uninterrupted time.

Please, for god’s sake – make sure your space is well-warded.
Example of a bad ward: “Only light spirits with good intentions can come in.”
Why is it a bad ward? A spirit can be light aligned, or have good intentions, and still cause you harm. Consider a light-aligned angel who sees you as “unclean”, enters your wards, and attacks you to cleanse you. According to your wards, this would be acceptable. After all, he is light aligned AND he means well.
Examples of good wards: Wards that prevent spirits from using glamours while inside them, wards that prevent malicious or dangerous parasitic entities from entering, etc. Please make sure that when creating these wards, you are clear about your definitions of ambiguous terms, such as “dangerous” or “harmful”.

With your offering in hand, state your intent (this is where having the detailed document really comes in handy!). While being fancy and poetic can really get you in the Conjuring Mood, it’s best to aim for being clear. Saying something along the lines of “I am sending out a calling for ______, I offer ________  in exchange for _______” can be a good place to start.

Wait for the spirit to show up. Once they are with you, confirm that they are not malicious. Make sure that they agree to the terms you specify. Some points you might want to consider including are:

  1. They will only remain in your space for the duration of the conjure, and they will leave your space and have their permission to access it revoked once the conjure is completed
  2. They agree to the transaction you proposed.
  3. They will not lie, either explicitly or by omission, and they will present the information they provide in a way that does not misrepresent facts, lead to misinterpretations, etc.
  4. The conjuring session is initiated once they agree to the terms you have set out, and it is finished when you say the following “____”.

If they agree to the terms, then proceed with the conjure. If they do not agree with them, ask them to leave and try again. If they refuse to leave, proceed to banish, cleanse, and put new wards in place.

Begin the interaction with the spirit. While I encourage you to be polite and respectful, avoid language that might place you in a position of “debt” with the strange spirit (no “sorry”, “thank you”, etc.).
Listen to them, but also be on the lookout for anything that feels “off”. If you get a bad feeling- trust your gut. If you catch them in a lie, if their story doesn’t add up, if they are trying to convince you to sell your soul for riches – ask them to leave. If they do not respect your wishes, then banish them.
Some things you should look out for when interacting with a spirit are:

  • Claims about them being “totally your guide”, or  “have been protecting you since you were a child, because your future is so special.”
  • “I am your long lost ____, and in your past life we were soulbound, I swear.”
  • “Only with my help will you be able to unlock your truest potential.”

While they might be sincere, it is important to keep a healthy level of cynicism in your interactions with a spirit. After all, they are a stranger, and while you might have met your soulmate during a random call into the astral, it is also very likely you just met an asshole. Just… make sure to keep that in mind.

Once you are done with the conjure, ask the spirit to leave. If things have been going well, you can schedule another meeting with them. Make sure they leave after you ask them to. If they don’t, then BANISH them. This may seem like an extreme measure, but they should respect your wishes. If they don’t, it’s unlikely they will for other things, too. Either way, once the spirit is gone from your space, make sure to dispose of your offering, cleanse your space, and thoroughly check your wards to see if they need any work.


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