An Introduction to Solar Energy

Written by Conjurer Acheron on January 30th, 2018.
An introduction to the incredibly common but not-so-talked-about solar energy.

Disclaimer: Please take into account that all of this is UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis). My experiences working with Solar energy are deeply personal and might not reflect your own experiences. If you have significant personal experience to add, I would love to hear it!

Hi everyone – Acheron here! Today’s topic is Solar Energy. An ever-present but not-nearly-discussed-enough Energy type, Solar is the core of my personal practice and is present in nearly all my magic, wards, conjuring, and my own alignment. I wanted to take some time to compile my base notes on the energy as a Type and share my experiences with it!

In comparison to most, it’s a beginner energy. Easily accessible, easily utilized. You do not have to look far at all to access Solar energy – you can even still access it on a cloudy day, because the sun is still there.

It is a light energy, and a Light energy, by nature, but you do not have to be Light-aligned to use it. You don’t even need to be Solar-aligned to use it.

When using Solar energy, it doesn’t appear like fire – you won’t see literal flames. It’s blinding and capable of leaving major burns, but appears as light. It does not emit the same heat you would feel off a flame; this heat is, instead, permeating and all-encompassing. It comes from everywhere at once, even if it is localized (into, say, an energy ball).
Color-wise, it’s white, until you look at it closer. Here’s a breakdown of the colors of light, if you’re unfamiliar with this – though most people learned this pretty early on in school, so I know it’s familiar to most. To many, it appears white-yellow; to me, it appears that way, too, but I also get hints of blue. It’s very hard to look directly at.

Personally, working with Solar energy gives me the same feeling as sunbathing, no matter what I am using it for. While working with Fire energy feels more localized and direct, Solar feels more like it is surrounding me and is present in every part of me when I call on it and tap into it as a Source. Solar is very powerful, and you can feel this while you work with it. It is so hot that it feels cold to me, and, before I progressed further into my path, my astral self had to wear gloves to work with it.

It is an incredibly powerful energy type; both offensive and defensive, with more heat and power than Fire due to its immense size and higher temperature. You can feel this when you work with it – instead of being a heat, I feel it as more of an energetic rush wherever the Solar energy is most concentrated. This is typically my hands, which is what I use to manipulate the energy. My hands will be very warm, bright, and I will feel like all my energy and attention has been directed to them.

While Solar energy is a subtype of Light energy, you do not have to be Light to work with it. I, myself, am more Gray-aligned, and Solar is my main elemental/energetic alignment. I am sure anyone, Light or Dark or in-between, can use Solar energy in their own ways, though your success rate may vary.

Solar energy can be used for creation and destruction, healing and cursing. It inherently has both life-giving and life-destroying properties. Its potential is wide, considering that it is a natural energy source, and can be used and manipulated to fit your intentions.

Solar is life-giving, making it perfect for healing. It is very powerful and is a potent addition or source for spells. I also craft my wards with Solar energy as a base, with its heat and protective properties making great shields.
On the other hand, it can burn, blind, dehydrate, and has the capacity to end life as easily as it began it. Burns can leave scars that last a lifetime. It has enormous potential for curses and hexes.

Fire: While Fire and Solar energy are compatible and come from the same Source (Light), Fire is more Earth-based while Solar is Celestial-based. Solar is in the Light and Celestial energy families, being a subtype or strain of both families. Fire is localized, and Solar is Celestial in nature, feeling more distant, grand, and powerful. Fire energy tends to vary in power depending on what you’re using or your intentions, and Solar carries a lot more power and has a higher intensity. Solar energy is more universal, and you are merely borrowing it. Using Solar energy is, to an extent, using Fire energy as well.

Celestial: The Sun is a star, and is compatible with the energy of other Celestial bodies, particularly other stars. Its energy is typical to that of stars, when generalized, but is significant to us as being our own star.

Lunar: The Moon can be seen as a secondary source of Solar energy – its light is merely reflections of the Sun’s light. While it has its own properties, it also contains some properties of Solar energy, and the energies are highly compatible.
Earth: The sun is a star, and its light has a lot of properties of star energy, but with an Earthen twist – it is our star, unlike all others, unique in its own ways The Sun is what gives Earth the ability and capacity to host life, and is necessary for many functions of life. It is, therefore, compatible with the energy of plants, the earth, and life itself.

If you have a solid grasp on energy work, you’re ready to go. Think Solar energy might work well for you? Try it! Very few energy types are as easily accessible as Solar energy.

To get started, use some basic energy work techniques – and here’s some methods to try if you aren’t so great at visualization. I suggest sitting in sunlight, if possible, if you have never attempted to work with Solar energy before. Start simple – visualize it between your hands, and continue to feel it gather until you feel the presence of it. Don’t feel it, and getting frustrated? Try again another time! It may take a few tries, especially if you have never tried energy work before.
If it is difficult to work with, you can’t seem to connect with it, or it hurts you, you may not be Solar-compatible. Feel free to keep experimenting, but don’t hurt yourself.

For more perspectives on Solar magic, I suggest researching the Sun as a symbol in religion – it is the center of the world’s potentially oldest religion! Even if you aren’t looking to worship the Sun (I don’t!), it’s a great center for research. It has a rich history in magic, symbolism, folklore, and culture, and reading about it will deepen your understanding of the energy and its magical use.

Here are some readings I recommend:

I hope you enjoyed my Introduction to Solar Energy – I have been working on this post for months, and I am so excited to share it with you! This marks the beginning of my Solar Series, which will progress as I write more about my research with this Energy Source.​

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