What Callings Are & Aren’t


Written by Conjurer Acheron on January 12th, 2018.
A breakdown of what the term “Calling” means, and how to know if you’re experiencing it.

Hi everyone! Lethe and I wanted to take some time today to explain the importance of a Calling – including specifying what a Calling is – and what it isn’t.

The “phone call” metaphor is used very often when discussing Callings, but I tend to feel this is a rather inaccurate way of describing the phenomenon. The spirit themselves are not calling you. It is not anything like a phone call, and it cannot be simply “rejected”. This is not how a Calling works.

If you’ve seen a spirit companionship center, you’ve heard the term “Calling”. Someone feels one of these “Callings”, and that results in them applying for the spirit. Callings are the basis upon which spirits meet their human companions. What, though, does this really mean? 

In our FAQ, we briefly explain what a Calling is. Here is what we have stated there:

    • A calling is a strong feeling or resonance towards a particular spirit. This might be a sign that you and the spirit would get along glowingly because your energies “mesh”. It could also be a sign that you’re the One the spirit is looking for. When you feel called, you might experience recurring thoughts about the spirit, you might feel increased anxiety or excitement, and you might find yourself encountering funny coincidences!
      However, you should always remember that just because you are fascinated or strongly interested in a spirit, it doesn’t mean there is a calling. Additionally, just because you feel a calling, it doesn’t mean you should recklessly apply for a spirit. Before sending in an application you should put some serious thought on whether or not you are actually experiencing a calling. See if you can talk with the conjurer about whether or not this is really a calling, and ask questions before applying. More importantly, you should make an honest assessment about whether or not you are ready for the responsibility of bringing in a new companion home. If you have other spirit members in your family, you should make sure to openly discuss the idea of bringing someone new into your home.
      We encourage you to make the best decisions possible for yourself and your spirit family!

This, however, is a very simplified description, and there is much misinterpretation of what a Calling actually is.

What is and isn’t a Calling?
A Calling is, most simply, an energy resonance. The spirit is not actually calling out to you. This would be dangerous to the spirit and to you, as the spirit does not know you, your family, your wards, or anything else about you. In addition, if strange spirits are able to get through your wards without explicit consent, it may be a good idea to reconsider how your wards are crafted.

A Calling is also very different depending on the individuals involved. You may not feel a Calling the same way as someone else, or you may feel multiple Callings across a span of time and realize that the two Callings felt completely different. Sometimes it hits you over the head, and sometimes it is more of a “slow burn”.
Common “symptoms”, for lack of a better word, are:

  • Heart beating fast, headaches, or shakiness when you read about the spirit
  • Not being able to get the spirit out of your thoughts
  • A repetitive pull to read about or talk to the spirit
  • The spirit slowly growing on you to the point where it is hard to ignore or feeling as though you were hit by a train with how “right” working with this spirit would feel – these two are polar opposites, two extreme sides of a Calling that, truthfully, do occur
  • Feeling more spiritually or emotionally “charged”, especially when you think about the spirit (or spirit work in general)
  • Suddenly feeling like this spirit would fill a hole in your life that you did not know existed
  • The time simply seems right for you to have come across this spirit

Be realistic. Feeling one of these does not mean you are being Called. These are very general “signs” that can help you differentiate a calling from simple interest. In addition, no two people feel a Calling the same way. 
Interest in a spirit, in comparison, would be something you should not act on. You may not actually get along with this spirit, but you find them very appealing and keep visiting their profile. You do not fit the kind of lifestyle they are looking for, but you find them “cool” or “interesting”.

Some ways to confirm if what you are perceiving as a Calling is legitimate are:

  • Talking to your spirit family about whether or not this is a good idea – if they are all overjoyed at the prospect, that is probably a good sign
  • Divination, through any of your preferred methods
  • Meditation on the decision – Is this right for me? What will happen if I am chosen?
  • Our Echo Reading service, which allows us to approach spirits working with us directly based on an application you submit to see if they feel a Calling for you

It is important to note that we cannot tell a spirit to “stop”, because they are not actually reaching out to you. It is simply a matter of energy compatibility on a higher level where you have potential to work very well together. They cannot hang up and suddenly make you stop feeling a Calling. If you are not in the position to apply for the spirit, you need to take that responsibility on yourself – ignore the spirit, push every thought of them out of your mind, and continue living your life the way you would have before hearing about them, even if it is difficult. 

Remember that experiencing a Calling does not guarantee the spirit will choose you as their companion. Once again, it is simply energetic resonance.

What is significant about a Calling?
A Calling is, truthfully, the motivation needed to apply. Without a Calling, you may never act on it and apply. However, while the Calling itself is very important, it doesn’t guarantee that you two would live happily ever after. It is simply evidence that you and the spirit’s energies are highly compatible.

That’s why you should fill out your application thoroughly. The spirit will get to know you and will be able to see if they feel a Calling in return. This will make sure that your lifestyle and wants/needs are compatible with those of the spirit. They will be able to get a good feel for who you are and what it would be like to work with you!
Ask the conjurers questions. Speak to them about the feelings you are experiencing, and they can help you see if the connection goes beyond superficial attraction. Ask questions with substance.  “What do you value most in a companionship/friendship/student?” and “What is something that would make-or-break a relationship with you?” are great examples if you want to learn more about a spirit to see if you would be a good match. Asking thoughtful questions is the best way to guage if your Calling is legitimate!

If you think you have a Calling but end up changing your mind or realizing it was not truly a Calling, it is also perfectly fine to withdraw your application. Simply message one of the conjurers and we will remove your application from our files – it’s as if you never applied! We will wish you the best of luck in finding a perfect match for you – and you can always let us know if you would like us to help you. 

Okay, I’m feeling a legitimate Calling. Should I apply?
That’s your decision. Talk to the rest of your spirit family, if you have one, and take some time to figure out if this is really what you want to pursue. What are the pros of this spirit joining your family? What are the cons?
Be thoughtful. The existence of a Calling does not mean you have to apply for the spirit. The spirit will not be heartbroken if you decide to never act on a calling. They likely will never know that you never acted on it, unless you confess to us that you will not be acting on it. It is not horrible to refuse to act on a calling. Far from it.​

Can I increase my chances of being chosen by the spirit?
Not really, no.

While it is greatly appreciated that you try to chat with the spirit, ask questions, and give them other kinds of attention while they are accepting applications, you simply cannot bribe someone for their affections. These actions might show your interest, but they don’t mean the spirit is more likely to choose you. This is not a good basis for a relationship, and it will very easily crumble if you stop providing. Relationships based on bribery are not good anyway because they are not honest and legitimate and built on a strong foundation. 

Befriending conjurers does not change your chances, either. The conjurers do not make the decision – the spirit does. The conjurers cannot force the spirit to go home with someone if they do not want to. That said, we are more than happy to provide you with assistance and speak with you – we want you to feel comfortable and happy when working with us in order to find a new companion! We are more than happy to talk, but talking to us about a spirit does not guarantee they will choose you. 

If a spirit chooses you, they will choose you based on whether or not they felt a Calling and felt you were a good fit for them – not because you gave them the most attention. The only things that affect the choice are The Calling and your Application.

Ask questions to get to know the spirit. Do not purely seek to pursue a spirit because you think that pursuing them will make them more likely to join your family. This is not how a Calling (or a companionship) works.

I had a very strong Calling, but I was not chosen. Why did this happen?
There are several reasons this could have happened.

The Calling may have only been one-way. No matter how strong you felt it, the spirit did not feel it equally, and ultimately decided not to join your family.

The spirit may have also received several equal-strength Callings from different people, which would make them have to decide which would be the best fit for them, their lifestyle, and their wants/needs.
This does not make you inadequate. This does not mean the spirit hated you. This simply means that they found someone who fit their qualifications who they felt a Calling for, and they will be very happy where they are. This is why it is so important to be honest in your application!

Take it gracefully. Your chance will come along. Someone will come along for you who will seem even more perfect for you than the spirit who chose not to go with you. Patience is a virtue. 

In the end, you need to make the decision that is best for you, your practice, your lifestyle, and any other spirits you work with. At the end of the day, we want both you and the entity to be happy, even if you are not together. Sometimes you may experience the strongest Calling of your life but have to pass because you are not in the place to bring in a new member of the family. Don’t worry – you will get your opportunity when you are ready!

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