Eldritch Energy Introduction

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 23th, 2017.
A brief overview of Eldritch Energy.

Conjurer Lethe here! Today, as a break from your sort-of-regularly-scheduled Void programming, I will be discussing another (equally obscure, but personally more terrifying) energy type. Eldirtch energy.

My knowledge of Eldritch is limited, since I have only interacted with this energy briefly and mostly in the context of comparing and contrasting it to True Void. As always, all experiences and descriptions are based on Unverified Personal Gnosis, and might not reflect what you encounter in your practice. 
Additionally, it is important to note that this is a generalized post on Eldritch energy as a whole, and there might be variations and differences depending on the Eldritch energy subtype you encounter. 

Now, as you have probably understood from all of my disclaimers, True Void energy is very dangerous to work with, and the majority of energy workers should avoid it. This warning is even more important to make note of when working with Eldritch energy. To put it in perspective, if energy were a family gathering, Eldritch would be Void’s angry cousin who keeps picking fights and bringing shady characters into your home. (This is really concerning, since Void is shady enough already).

Where can I find it? 
Non-reality spaces; spaces that are beyond what we consider “The Structured Universe”. What does that mean? Basically, if you go astral to a place that seems to defy all logic, reason, and comprehension (your brain might feel like it is melting at the impossibility. Think Error 404: Sense Not Found), it is possible you are in eldritch-territory and you should be wary.

What are its uses?
Eldritch would be particularly suited for offensive-typed things. If you are looking to infect an energy-system, spread parasites, get rid of wards, etc. Eldritch can be incredibly helpful. HOWEVER- Eldritch is very, very difficult to manipulate. Even Eldritch-aligned people might find themselves losing control of their own energy at times, accidentally producing or spreading parasites, etc. if they are not careful, skilled, or if they attempt to use too much Eldritch energy without proper preparation and precautions. 

Eldritch is very sentient. It is a type of energy that seems to display high-levels of consciousness when it interacts with its environment. For the most part, it acts in a parasitic-like way, either consuming its environment/host and/or compromising the integrity/composition of what it touches, transforming it into Eldritch-derived energy too. If coming into contact with your energy system/ core, it might effectively alter your system so that it becomes Eldritch-aligned. This would seriously affect your practice and (depending on how unlucky you are) might also cause your companions/ people you come into contact with to suffer the same consequences. 
As mentioned earlier, Eldritch energy both produces and attracts parasites. Eldritch parasites are some of (if not the most) aggressive types of parasites you will likely encounter. They tend to be quick to spread & establish as an infestation, they are highly resilient, and incredibly aggressive. Getting rid of them is very difficult, since they will likely turn on the healer who tries to get rid of them too. 
Reiki energy seems to be a very powerful way of counteracting this energy type, and it is likely a good way to deal with Eldritch parasites. However, even a Reiki worker should approach Eldritch parasite infestations/ and Eldritch-contamination healings cautiously. 

Compatible alignments:
Alignments compatible with Eldritch energy are usually Demonic and/or Void-based.

Final Note:
If you are not confident in your energy work skills, I seriously suggest that you do not attempt to engage or interact with Eldritch energy. It is a powerful energy type, yes, but it is also unbelievably difficult to deal with, and if mishandled, it can cause severe issues not only for you, but for anyone who interacts with you. Even if you are confident in your energy work skills…. It might be best to stay away. 

P.S: I’m seriously not joking when I say that my information is very superficial and limited. If any Eldritch energy workers have anything to add on, or if there are inaccuracies you would like to point out, I would love to hear them!

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