Working With True Void Energy 101

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 20th, 2017.
A beginner’s guide to working with Void energy.

Conjurer Lethe here, bringing to you the next part of Elysium’s True Void Series. As always, I give you the disclaimer that everything here is my UPG and might not necessarily fit with your own experience and practice. I encourage you to incorporate only what you need, and hope you find this post helpful.

Let me start off this post by saying:
True Void energy is not an easy energy type to work with. In fact, I would discourage most people from working with it. If you are not attuned to or aligned with it (or one of its close “relatives”, such as eldritch, demonic void, spatial void, etc.), the risks of handling True Void energy are many.
True Void energy is very difficult to control and contain. This increases the likelihood of it unintentionally entering your system. The best case scenario is that this would heavily drain you and maybe make you feel a little ill for a while. Worst case scenario is that your energy system is poisoned, and you lose your ability to do any sort of energy work or spiritual work for either a short while or…forever. Yeah.

If you are still interested in learning how to work with True Void energy, I strongly recommend you have good foundations in energy sensing, energy manipulation, and energy cleansing. There are countless resources for doing all of these things online. 

Now, how would you begin working with True Void?
As I mentioned in my earlier post, True Void energy is found everywhere around us in negligible quantities. However, you can also tap into a True Void well by concentrating on it. A first good exercise to begin familiarizing yourself with True Void energy would be learning how to sense it.  Focus your thoughts on the Void – on darkness, on nothingness, on a stretching, vast emptiness that echoes hollow in your heart. Or something less poetic and angsty, whatever works for you. The point is, learn to connect and figure out what the Void feels like. At this point, you should not attempt to manipulate the energy. Introduce yourself instead. 
Congrats, you’re now one step closer to being a True Edgy Kid. (And to becoming a Void worker, maybe).

I know the Void now, so now what?
Now that you have grown to understand what True Void feels like, and you are familiar with it, and confident in your ability to fully differentiate it from any other energy type, you can proceed to the next step. Make a True Void Blob. (Yes, this is what I am calling it).
Now, during this step, you will have to focus on a variety of things. First and foremost, focus on your own energy and your energy system. You have to make a careful assessment about what your energy system is like BEFORE you work with True Void. Then, you have to continue paying attention as you focus on drawing True Void energy to you. Is your energy still flowing properly? Is your energy acting strangely? Make note, but do not lose your concentration. You have to carefully manipulate the energy so that it will take the shape you want it to (in this case, a blob). This might seem simple enough for an experienced energy worker, but it is important to remember that True Void energy is alive. It seems to act with a certain degree of consciousness, and it is not natural for it to take a solid form. Because you are forcing True Void into an unnatural state, it will look for ways to return to its natural, free-flowing form. If you are not careful, it will enter your energy system, or dissipate, or spread into your environment, contaminating it. 
Continue practicing this step until handling the energy becomes second-nature to you.
Then, up the complexity of your manipulation by making more intricate shapes, or a bigger blob. When you think you got it down- practice some more. 

Things that could go wrong during this step….
While I just spoke about the best scenario, I’m going to give a little more detail into everything that could go wrong during this part of the process.

  • True Void energy drains your system. Now, some energy alignments tend to be highly invigorating when worked with. True Void tends to have the opposite effect on those who are not aligned with it. You might find yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for a 30-year nap. This is unfortunately something that the majority of people working with True Void energy will have to experience and cannot do anything about. This is not something that will disappear as you continue working with Void energy, although your tolerance might increase.
  • True Void energy could enter your system. If you are someone with an energy system that is closely aligned to it (ex. eldritch, demonic void, spatial void, demonics, death workers, etc.) then you’re in luck! You probably can handle it. Maybe you’ll get an energy hangover, but… you’ll survive.
  • If you are someone who is light-aligned, nature aligned, fae-aligned, etc. then…. You should be worried. In fact, it’s likely that the unbearable pain you might feel will cause some worry. Your energy system will likely do it’s best to cleanse itself from the foreign energy. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to fully rid the body of True Void energy this way. I recommend you seek out an experienced healer, preferably someone with some background in handling this type of energy so that they are not harmed when trying to rid your body of it. I also recommend the healer specialized in some type of Reiki, since this energy might be more effective than others in counteracting True Void energy effects.
  • True Void energy could also stain your work area. If this were to happen, then you’d likely find your home and space suddenly parasite-ridden. Getting rid of the parasites might prove to be a challenging endeavor. More difficult than this, however, would be the task of cleansing your space fully and thoroughly from True Void energy. Weeks after your third cleansing, you might still find some pesky remnants and hardy parasites chilling somewhere in your home.
  • Nothing ever happened, you could not connect with True Void. Unfortunately, just as I am ungifted in the art of manipulating nature energies, you might find yourself struggling and seeing no results after plenty of practice. In this case, it is my professional opinion that you should give up. Really, there’s plenty of other energy alignments to work with, and you’ll see much more advancement in your practice pursuing something that suits you better.

I have mastered the void, what do I do with it?
If you were successful in your efforts and are now confident in your ability to manipulate this type of energy, then you can begin practicing advanced techniques. Put True Void to use. Do with it as you wish. 
Develop your own methods of using it, learn what works (and what doesn’t work) for you. True Void is an incredibly unique energy type, so it will likely take some creativity and experimentation to put True Void energy into practical use, but it is incredibly rewarding when you do it. 

Final note
I want to reiterate that this is an energy type I strongly discourage beginners (and the majority of energy workers) from working with. Really, it’s not necessary, and there’s a lot of risks you will be taking by working with it. However, I hope that this guide to working with True Void energy can serve as an introduction for those interested in True Void-related things. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. 

IMPORTANT: Although this post deals with True-Void energy, the techniques described can be applied to all Void subtypes. A good starting place for those interested in Void energy could be spatial void, since it tends to be less difficult to manipulate and compatible with more energy alignments. ​

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