An Introduction To True Void Energy

Written by Conjurer Lethe on November 2nd, 2017.
An introduction to the not-so-talked-about void energy alignment.

Disclaimer: Please take into account that all of this is UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis). My experiences working with Void entities are deeply personal and might not reflect your own experiences.

Having addressed this, I will jump right into it and talk a bit about Void energy.

Many people seem to think that all Void energy is the same. Outer space and emptiness are talked about as if they are interchangeable or equivalent. In my experience, this is definitely not the case. While there might be similarities between Outer Space Void and what I call “True Void”, there are also some very evident differences. In my case, I work with True Void entities primarily, and the things I will be discussing throughout this series are relating to and can usually only be applied or generalized to True Void spirits & energy.

Where can I find it?
True Void energy is most frequently found in True Void spaces in the astral (however, it surrounds us in negligible quantities no matter where we are). It also tends to congregate in liminal spaces, in places of transition, and in areas that have been abandoned or dead for a long time.

What are its uses?
While True Void energy harnessed by a skilled energy worker can do everything from healing to serious offensive damage, the most common uses for True Void energy that I have witnessed are Void-walking (traveling from one destination to another through Void spaces) and a derivative of shadow work. (I say a derivative of shadow work because commonly, shadow work is about acceptance or working with the shadow-self. True Void Shadow Work involves the manipulation of Void energy to control darkness/shadows).

In terms of a specific description, True Void energy has a magnetizing quality to it that is difficult to put into words or understand unless you have worked with it before. This energy is incredibly adaptable. Oftentimes, it will take on the qualities of surrounding energy. For example, if Void energy is found in an astral space heavily populated by fire elementals, it might acquire the same properties as the energy they give off. It might become warmer, more volatile, and also easier to handle.
Yet, Void energy would still remain unmistakably….voidy. You’d still feel an underlying dark, cold pull towards it. It’d still be inexplicably heavy in your hands despite appearing almost insubstantial. Handling it for an extended of period of time would still leave you with the odd impression of frostbite dancing on your fingertips.

Workingwith it:
Working with True Void energy might leave you feeling ill or drained (especially if you are not “aligned” with it). Handling this type of energy is much more difficult for humans than handling other energy sources, due to the fact that most living things are not compatible with it.
Added to this, Void energy has the interesting property of “taking” from its non-native users (especially if they are not highly proficient at energy manipulation and knowledgeable of Void energy specifically). For an unprepared energy worker, it might replicate the effects of an energy parasite. These effects (physical, emotional, and energetic) might be felt for days after having worked with it. Think of it like a really terrible hangover.
My belief as to why True Void energy has this specific effect on things is that it tends to consume what is in its path in an effort to return it to a balanced, chaotic state. However, this does not mean that True Void energy is inherently evil. Additionally, it does not fit into the more common energy alignments of “Light” or “Dark”. Rather, it appears to have its own special classification.

Compatible alignments:
Void energy generally tends to attract parasites. From what I have seen, it doesn’t seem to have the same negative impact on parasitic entities as it does on other creatures. One explanation for this could be that parasitic entities have evolved and adapted to hide in True Void spaces to protect themselves. Alternatively, it is possible that they still experience negative effects, but are more resilient and able to endure longer exposure to True Void than other species.
Another True-Void “tolerant” energy alignment would be Death energy. Death workers like reapers and grims tend to be relatively comfortable in the presence of True Void energy.
Nature spirits, fae spirits, light-aligned spirits, and “livelier” energy-aligned beings, on the other hand, might find True Void to be repulsive. They might also feel particularly affected by its draining qualities. The nature entities that I have encountered generally tend to show a dislike for True Void energy workers.
Demonic entities (especially hellborn demonic entities) also appear to have a particular distaste for True Void. They might react aggressively or go out of their way to avoid encountering True Void entities. This seems to stem from a historical event that placed hellborn demonic spirits against True Void entities (and/or energy). While I am not privy to the details of this event at the moment, I will continue to update the series as I gain more insight into the situation.

This has been my intro to Void energy! In the future, I hope to discuss more about True Void entities, their culture, and my personal experiences working with them.​

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