Trustworthy Spirit Shops

Written by Conjurer Acheron on July 30th, 2017.
Learn how to spot reputable adoption centers and spirit shops in the metaphysical community!

If you’re interested in spirit companionship, first you need to consider why. Are you doing this just to dip your toes into spirit communication? Wrong move. Spirit companionship is potentially a lifelong commitment – if you’re looking to simply start opening doorways to communicating with spirits, I recommend going to any gardening store near you and picking out a nice plant. Plant spirits are awesome.

Looking for a potential lifelong friend of the incorporeal variety? Spirit companionship might be for you!
Now, with the abundance of online conjurers around…how do you know who to trust? This is an incredibly important step, because this is a commitment, so you want to make sure you don’t get scammed – as you would with any service.

Here are some questions to ask while researching a shop:

Does the shop have any reviews? Every shop has to start somewhere, but reviews can make or break them. Check around and see if you can find any reviews from someone who has previously worked with the shop you’re considering working with. Reviews written the day the companion met the spirit from the shop do not count. A trustworthy review would be one written at the very least a month after someone received a spirit from the shop, because they have worked with the spirit for a while and have an idea of what the spirit is like. By then, they can properly review the shop. Hunt down these reviews – the opinions and experiences of those who have worked with them are very important. If they don’t have reviews, they might be new, or they might be untrustworthy. Try to find out when they opened.

How do they do what they do? This is when you should interview the conjurer. If you are going to work with a spirit, you want to be absolutely sure that they are who they say they are. When meeting a spirit through a shop, this is entirely on the conjurer’s end – you want to make sure your conjurers know their spirits and are absolutely certain of what they are and what they are capable of. If they have a FAQ, read it. Can you find any information about how the shop vets their spirits, and for how long? Do they have their policies written up? Still got a question? Ask them! If they are trustworthy, they will answer these questions! They may not go into excruciating detail, but they will be willing to answer. Trust me, they want you to trust them. They also care a lot about your safety and the safety of all spirits involved.

Does the shop make you uncomfortable? Poke around their site/blog and get a “feeling” for the place – does the energy make you anxious or uncomfortable? Do not work with them. Not everyone’s energy will “click” – this is not a way to tell if a shop is untrustworthy or not, but it is best to work with a shop you are comfortable with where you can be confident about their services.

How does the shop handle criticism? Do they encourage constructive criticism and feedback? Great! Are they overly defensive and refuse to change their ways? If so, you should be suspicious. Customer service is just as important as the spirit work aspect when it comes to a spirit shop. Any shop worth trusting will be open to the ideas and input of their following and community, because they seek to provide the best services they possibly can. (We greatly encourage feedback, by the way.) You can never stop improving!

Will they take responsibility and assist if something goes wrong? If one of their spirits somehow makes it through their vetting process and is a danger to their companion, what will they do? If a spirit and the companion simply do not get along, what actions will the shop take? What are their policies on rehoming? They should be prepared for the chance of this happening.

Are they a paid shop? Great! Are they doing it legally? Investigate the laws in your area, and investigate what their website says. Make sure everything you are doing (and they are providing) is legal. (Remember that laws differ between states, provinces, and countries. Find out where they are from and check legalities, but also check the legalities in your own country/state/province.) Any trustworthy shop should already have this all sorted out!

Most importantly, do your own research. No one is going to spell out trustworthy shops for you – and, if they do, you should put a little more into it than just taking one person’s word for it. Their word is good, but are there other people who agree with them?

Any shop worth trusting will have this information laid out for you – or they’ll be willing to answer any questions you might have. Spirit companionship is a big commitment. Don’t run blindly into it – investigate the spirit shop or center and see if they are credible. Take the time to investigate. It will be worth it.

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