So You Want To Learn To Conjure?

Written by Conjurer Acheron on July 13th, 2017.
Some information on the secretive art of conjuring spirits. Do you think you’re ready?

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The reason most conjurers refuse to teach or to share their methods is because methods are typically very personal and will differ drastically from conjurer to conjurer. Most conjurers are unwilling to teach because the way they conjure is unique to them and, since you are not them, repeating it could be dangerous. I learned when I joined the SoE team, but even then they taught me the bare bones basics and let me figure out my own method while making sure I still knew how to keep myself safe.

Conjuring, however, is the easiest part of the whole ordeal! You could actually do a Google search and learn several different methods on how to call up spirits. Here’s a good article I pulled up within a few minutes that also gives a bunch of really good tips about discernment. I highly recommend it! You could even make up your own way to do it, as long as you’re protected enough. There is no one right way. Even if you had a mentor, they’d be teaching you their way as a basis and then showing you how to find your own way.

Like I said earlier, the actual act of conjuring is easy. What usually gets beginners is sensing, communication, proper warding and protection, and discernment. These are all things you should be well-versed in before attempting to conjure.

If you’re not good at sensing energy…

Do you know how to protect yourself? If not…

Not so great at communicating? That’s okay!

So, you want to be a conjurer (I am avoiding breaking out in Hercules lyrics here) – there’s some things you need to ask yourself and keep in mind. If you’ve got all of this down, you can start trying to communicate with local spiritsHere is a list of spirits that might be considered more “beginner-friendly” for someone who is very new to conjuring, too. Know about boundaries. You want to make your intention as specific as possible – try to “lawyer” your way out of any loopholes.
You want to make sure that you are prepared if you are indeed going to call up a spirit. Conjuring but not knowing how to protect yourself, how to communicate, and even how to sense if a spirit is actually there is a major problem and could lead to lots of issues. The act of calling a spirit is easy, but remember that it is not true that you can only call up what you can handle. If you are not protected and do not craft your intention correctly, you could put yourself in danger by calling up something you are not capable of putting back down. Learn how to banish, just in case. If simply commanding the spirit to leave won’t work, here are some great things to do (and definitely deep cleanse after)  If you call up something you really don’t want to deal with, here’s some good advice – and here’s some more, for good measure, because it’s bound to happen eventually.

Opening yourself up to talking to spirits makes you a sort of “beacon”, which can attract both friendly and malicious spirits alike. Becoming a conjurer but not being properly prepared is similar to grabbing a megaphone and shouting, “HEY! I WANT TO TALK TO ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN!”. Because of this, you need to be prepared for anything.
You might know about all of the above and think you’re ready to conjure, but do you know anything about vetting (which is by far one of the most important parts)?

  • setting standards in vetting spirits – this was directed at shop owners, but has a ton of great information on vetting (or verifying the authenticity and identity of a spirit)
  • You need to learn how to tell different spirits apart by their energy. This also includes telling different species apart. Start interacting with local spirits before calling up spirits!
  • Take notes! Take as many notes as you can. This is extremely important during the vetting process – you’re not going to learn everything about a spirit in one meeting, and you want to have notes available to make sure their story does not contradict.
  • Vetting is by far the hardest part. This should be extremely intensive and thorough and will require lots of time and experience. Any spirit that is willing to work with you will be willing to wait while you are vetting them and seeing if they are trustworthy! You wouldn’t know everything about a human friend after talking to them for two days, would you?
  • If anything feels wrong, trust your gut. Better to ask a spirit who is a little suspicious to leave and air on the side of caution than to be overly optimistic and set yourself up for danger.
  • Having another experienced conjurer with you is a great idea! They can help verify any information you are getting from the spirit and will add another layer of protection and security. There is absolutely no shame in never solo conjuring. If you feel more comfortable having another spirit worker or companion around, bring them!

Last but not least, remember that not every spirit wants to be a companion. You are not the most important person in the universe. Remember this. Be polite, respectful, and open-minded!
Best of luck on your journey! I hope this helps you!

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It is important to remember that all the information provided in our Encyclopedia is based on our own studies, experiences, and UPG – “unverified personal gnosis”. None of this information can be proven to be factual, but we do extensive studies and cross-checking with multiple spirit workers and different members of the species in question to verify that our information is as correct as it can be. Our goal is not to “prove” our UPG, as this is impossible, but we do seek to give a better insight on certain topics based off our own experiences.